The Making Of An Authority Site

Content is king in Authority Sites, they have more pages of quality content and more links to reference information. Content should be topic relevant, original and definitely up-to-date. Your goal is to make the website such a high quality destination for the niche that other sites will refer to it vial links to the content pages.

Let’s get right to it. If your intent is to build an Authority site it is vital that your knowledge of the niche you intend to cover is broad and well researched. You need to know the market conditions and the readers you are targeting so you can have a full understanding of the content you need to provide your visitors. You should be in contact with other quality sites within your niche for networking opportunities.

Here are the steps to making an Authority Resource.

Research your Niche or Product. You need to know everything about what you are selling or the topic your site will be addressing. So get all the data you can on it. This research will give you content for your website. Arrange the information in a concise and easy to follow format. The more you know about what you are providing will make it easier to write good content.

You know about your niche so now Research the Market. Most large corporations that conduct market research will hire researchers for the task. It takes a systematic approach to a large quantity of statistics and market knowledge. You need to identify and know your competition along with the current market situation within the industry. Use this information to customize the content of your website. Use your knowledge of the market to set goals for yourself and your research will give you valuable links to off site content you can link to as resources from yours.

Now get to Know your Visitors. Identify the readers within your market that you intend to target. Knowing your visitors will allow you to use your knowledge to shape the content to your targeted traffic. To attract and keep the audience you want trafficking your site, you will need to give them valuable content to keep them returning.

Next use your knowledge of the niche and the demographics of the targeted traffic to Plan your Authority Resource. This is absolutely the most vital of all steps. During planning keep your keyword and link strategies in mind. Consider adding link baiting ideas you may have from networking with other webmasters in the niche. Blogs are a nice addition since it makes the addition of fresh content easier. Visitors should feel at ease on your site and tempted to come back for more.

In the Design and Development phase is when your project starts to come together. This is where you find web hosting, register domain names and design the final product to be uploaded to the server. The look and design of your website should help to define who you are to the web community.

So you have the knowledge, your Authority Resource has been researched, planned, designed and uploaded. Now what? Now you need to let everyone know about it and that means a Marketing Plan.

A thorough online Marketing Plan will involve Search Engine Optimization with a comprehensive link building campaign, online marketing on websites within the same nice or via pay per click advertising. Keep your website current with content and software updates and track your traffic statistics to make marketing adjustments as needed.

Following these steps will get you on the path to making a real Authority Resource your visitors will value. Think about them as you are planning your website. Do you want your website to be just another of the millions out there or do you want to provide an Authority Resource that is truly unique?

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