The Reason Why You Should Be Advertising With Vyzion Internet Radio

Welcome to the future of Internet Radio…Vyzion Internet Radio is where YOU should be spending your advertising dollars to boost your company’s awareness. Vyzion Internet Radio has offices in Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina as well as New York City, New York. Vyzion Internet Radio has over 40 DJs throughout the world and is heard in 83 countries and in over 1000 cities. Therefore unlike traditional radio which is only heard by local listeners, Vyzion Internet Radio is heard ALL over the world. Vyzion currently streams music from the Top 40 charts, hip-hop, R&B, pop, Latin, and reggaeton; with the hopes of expanding in the near future to other stations such as country and rock, Latin, inspirational, and talk.

Because businesses are looking to grow or just maintain their market it is important to try other avenues of advertising to try and reach other markets. Online advertising is great for small to medium size businesses because one, it’s affordable, two, it reaches listeners at work, three, it’s track-able, and four, it’s interactive. An article from Resource Nation reported, “In recent years, internet radio has exhibited phenomenal listener growth. An Arbitron/Edison survey shows that online radio boosts at least 33 million unique visitors each week and 54 million each month, and continues to grow. And these listeners are part of many businesses core demographic.”

Advertising with Vyzion Internet radio is smarter advertising and brings great results than with traditional radio. Traditional radio advertising is out dated and with the smartphone marketing, the introdution of Google TV and internet ready automobiles it make since for the business sector to switch ot where the consumer is going.

Differences and advantages of Online Radio Advertising vs. Terrestrial

The online audience is track-able Traditional radio is not. It is a guess. Terrestrial radio has always been sold based on an audience estimate or guess. Online advertising is sold by impressions, the exact actual number of listeners who will hear or see a spot. These precise metrics allow advertisers to see concrete track-able ROI.

Online advertising is interactive. An online spot can include a synchronized banner ad with a direct link to the advertiser’s website. This means that someone who is ready to buy an advertiser’s product can be directed to their website and create a purchase immediately. Online advertising is also multi-dimensional. Terrestrial radio relies on a single dimension to move listeners (sound). Online advertising use sound, video, and direct calls to action to move listeners to an advertiser.

Online radio reaches at work listeners. Since most online listeners are in front of their computer while they are listening, they can instantly see what songs are playing and decide right then to purchase it. They can immediately click on a synchronized banner ad to take advantage of a special offer from an advertiser or to go to the advertiser’s website to view inventory. Traditional Radio signals often cannot be obtained in most work environments.

Mobile listening is exploding. Every trend report released in the past year points to the fact that mobile listening is growing faster than any media category. The release of Apple’s new iPad will create an even stronger buzz for all things mobile. Having your brand on mobile devices is now more essential than ever.

If you cannot afford to spend big dollars on large marketing/ media campaigns, then you should be advertising with Vyzion Internet Radio. Again this is a great way for business owners and entrepreneurs to reach online and mobile customers with just a click of a button. Call today to speak to a Vyzion sales representative 800-957-9650. Go where your customers are going and that’s with Vyzion Internet Radio. 

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