The Things Real Estate Agents Do To Their Own Homes Before Selling

Real Estate Agents know how to sell their own homes and get top dollar. Selling homes is what they do. They package, market and sell homes for a living and they know what home buyers want. Here is a list of exactly what real estate agents do when preparing their own home for sale.

The Exterior

Real estate agents understand how important ‘Curb Appeal’ is. It is the home buyers first impression of the home. Shouldn’t it be a good one? When beautifying the exterior of the home, the focus on the landscaping, driveway, entranceway and front door.

* All clutter is removed from the front yard.
* Cracks in the driveway and walkway are fixed.
* The front lawn and shrubs are manicured. Gardens are mulched.
* The exterior of the home is painted if needed.
* The front door is painted or replaced if needed.
* Chipped or fraying paint on door and window frames is
removed, and fresh paint is added.
* Gutters and downspouts are cleared and in good working

The Interior

* Pet odors are eliminated!
* Soft jazz or classical music is playing on the stereo when
buyers come through.
* Furniture is removed and either put in the basement or into
storage. This makes the home appear much larger. You never
want to make it difficult to walk through all the rooms in
the house, so clear the pathways!
* Electrical and plumbing are in working order.
* Broken appliances are fixed.
* The garage door works perfectly.
* A fresh scent is always used to appeal to buyer’s senses.
Vanilla is one of the most frequently used scents in
builder’s model homes. You can buy vanilla air fresheners
that fit directly on your air filter (available at home
* Curtains are always opened, windows shades always up and
lights always on (including lamps, hallway lights, etc) when
the home is being shown (even during the day). The
combination of sunlight and artificial light helps make the
home appear larger and open.
* All clutter is removed.
* All clothes are placed in the drawers or neatly in closets.
* Carpets are clean and in good condition. Otherwise, get rid
of them.
* The windows are thoroughly cleaned. Buyers like to look
outside the windows. The windows and screen doors easily open
and close and are in good shape.
* The kitchen is thoroughly cleaned. The cabinets, counters and
appliances are thoroughly spotless. All clutter is removed.
Dishes and glasses are neatly stacked in the cupboards. There
are never any dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter.
* The closets are reorganized so they appear larger. Some
clothes are removed if necessary.
* Walls are clean and there are no smudge marks. If the paint
is dingy, the walls must be painted. Light colors are used to
make the house appear larger.

Never do more work than necessary.

Often sellers think that the more they fix-up, the higher the price they will get. When you go beyond the necessary fix-ups, you get to the point where you are wasting your money. Do all the necessary fix-ups prior to selling, but never do what is un-necessary.

I hope that you found this information useful. As your local Denver real estate professional, I am available for any questions that you may have. I can be found at

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