Why You Need To Know Search Engine Marketing In Order To Become Successful Online

Internet has evolved as a strong media and market place and this is the only market place with no Geo-graphic boundaries and with maximum possible business possibilities. In order to start your online business you must have a web site first and to develop a good website you will require to have a good theme as well. There are many web design companies which can give you a nice quote for the same but having a very good website can not guarantee online business success. Reason behind so is very simple internet as suggested by the name itself is like a net and if you are searching a particular thing over the internet, what is the most preferred way to search for a particular item or a website providing the same item.

Search engines like google, yahoo and bing represents more then 90 percent of total web traffic and are most popular now a days. Only 10 percent of internet users have direct addresses of the websites and very few websites like paypal.com, naukri.com and monster.com are popular among the folks. So search engines is the key to get traffic to your site. Now if we understand a particular search process or the process by which traffic will come to your site it will go as follows.

Suppose you are in to providing online air tickets and tour packages to your customers in Australia itself. What can be different keywords your prospective customers will type in the search box of google in order to get the same ” online air tickets” , ” Cheap air tickets” and many others. When a user types these particular keyword in google then google gives the user a list of thousands of site providing similar services. In order to gain the maximum traffic your site must rank in the top 10 search results displayed by the Google itself. Here one question that you may be pondering is how it is possible.

Search engine marketing is the process to improve over the website traffic via search engines and Search engine marketing also aims to provide you increased brand recognition and value by creating awareness in the online search market. Search engine marketing is often referred as SEM and is a set of approaches and strategies any website must follow in order to rank high with search engines so that maximum traffic to the sites can be drawn.

Search engine marketing can further be divided into many sub parts like search engine optimisation and Social Media Marketing. Search engine optimisation mainly focuses on the increased rankings over a particular or a set of search engines. Different approaches of DBMS and Google’s recommendations can be considered to be the foundation on SEO (Search engine optimisation). Search engine optimisation can further be divided into two parts namely on page and off page SEO.

Social Media optimisation is another big thing today and it involves promotion of a particular website to internet communities or groups. For example FaceBook, Twitter and Linkdin are few popular networking sites and thousands of people are always online on these sites. Different blogs and forums can also be considered to be the places where a substantial group of people interacts. Social Media Optimisation aims to promote a particular website on these networks and it increases brand recognition and brand value.

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