Xyngular Network Marketing Review

Xyngular can be a lucrative business if you know how to take advantage of the new MLM marketing methods. Conversely, if you do not understand the basic principles of MLM success, you are going to have a difficult time growing your team and getting your business partners to duplicate.

Here is my unbiased Xyngular MLM Review that will help you answer two questions:

1- Is Xyngular the right company for you?

2- Are you in position to be successful and make six figures in the next 12 months?

Xyngular is a network marketing company (MLM) based out of Utah. The president of Xyngular is Mr. Marc Walker, a former representative of Xango. He helped one company grow 75% in two years, and grew another’s sales by 500% in under four years. Mr. Marc Walker formed Xyngular December 1, 2009.

Xyngular – The 2 Products

Xyngular has two products so far. The first one is called Xyngular, and it is a drink which uses an approach called Tri-Phasic. It means there are 3 groups of ingredients combined together which make each other more effective.

The other supplement is called “XYNG – Fuel 4 Life”. XYNG is scheduled to come out to the market on February 20, 2010. In my opinion this supplement offers more benefits. It is a blend of all-natural ingredients intended to help you accomplish your weight loss goals. It contains a blend of herbal ingredients, vitamins and minerals that limit your appetite, increase your energy, and it increases positive mental energy.
“Many people feel listless, tired, are ‘stressed out’, and agree there is not enough time each day to complete what needs to be done let alone find the time to prepare the nutritious meals that a healthy diet requires. Or they just grab fast food because they’re too hungry to cook. Xyng solves both of those problems.” – xyngular.com

Xyngular – The Business Opportunity

There are 5 income streams you can have with Xyngular. I will not get into Xyngular’s compensation plan particulars here, but it seems to me the pay plan is unilevel. Of course one of the ways you can get paid is by retailing the products. Distributors can profit $10 per bottle and $47 per case. Moreover, there are corporate sales pools, residual earnings, and other benefits for representatives who take the lead and work diligently.

How can YOU beat the MLM odds and be successful with Xyngular?

Top earners brand themselves. That is why top earners, as in the case of Marc Walker, eventually create their own MLM companies… they have branded themselves enough for a big multitude to go behind them.

Think about these questions now: “Do I have throngs of clients going behind me right now? If not, why not? This will answer question number 2 posted at the beginning of this article. To learn how to get in position to beat the MLM odds with Xyngular, visit my site.

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