13 Definite Factors behind High Blood Pressure

The causes of high blood pressure are not so clear. However, there exists strong evidence on a number of the factors linked to the reasons behind high blood pressure. Below are a number of the factors that can be caused by the risks of having high blood pressure levels:

1. Age: the elderly one gets, the greater the risk of having hypertension.

2. Family history: degrees of training family members who have suffered with hypertension, probability of establishing it are quite high. International scientific studies have shown that there are eight genetic differences, which can bring about risking having hypertension.

3. Temperature: A scientific study in France demonstrated that blood pressure varied over the four seasons of year. During warm months, blood pressure seems to be reduced, while during chilly seasons, it increases.

4. Ethnicity: studies within North America and European countries have revealed that people of South Oriental and African origins stand a higher probability of developing hypertension, unlike persons who are Caucasian or Amerindian.

5. Overweight/Obesity: obesity is the state of having excess body weight from your bones, muscles, fat as well as water. Being obese refers to the state of needing extra amount of extra fat. Persons who are both overweight or obese have greater likelihood of having blood pressure compared to normal persons.

6. Some gender qualities: one of the main causes of hypertension is linked to being an adult man compared to an adult woman. Nonetheless, at age 60, the two face equal risks. Between the ages 18 – 59, women endure a higher chance of developing symptoms of high blood pressure, when compared with men.

7. Persons who don’t exercise and have a non-active life stand larger chances of having high blood pressure compared to active alternatives.

8. Smoking: when 1 smokes, the blood vessels in the body narrows, thus leading to high blood pressure. Additionally, it reduces the amount of o2 blood can hold, so the heart is exposed to pumping blood more rapidly to compensate.

9. Alcoholism: regular alcohol consumers generally a higher systolic blood pressure when compared with persons who do not.

10. High salt consumption: College of Michigan Wellness System carried out research and reported that will societies of less salt consumption generally have lower blood pressure when compared with societies that consume a lot of salt.

11. Mental stress: this, specially in the long term, has been specified as one of the main causes of high blood pressure. This is because it can have grave affect the blood vessels. Prior studies have shown that the other ways of handling stress contributes greatly in order to risks of developing blood pressure.

12. Diabetes: this is apparently common knowledge, as a reason for high blood pressure. In sufferers of type 1 diabetes, high sugar (hyperglycemia) is mentioned as a risk key to high blood sugar. Insulin treatment minimizes the risk of high blood pressure caused by hyperglycemia.

13. Pregnancy: among women of the same grow older, those who are pregnant stand higher chance of being hypertensive compared to their non-pregnant brethren. High blood pressure is one of the most faced medical problems while pregnant and causes about 2 to 3 percent of the issues.

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