3 Tactics Every Affiliate Need To Survive Online

Every affiliate is constantly looking for easy and fast ways to earn more commissions. However, the magic formula they are being told by gurus to be able to make good money online is really years of hard work, trial and error and not some get rick quick loophole or glitch as they claimed in their salesletters.

But then again if they tell you the truth, will you or every prospect out there want to buy their courses? 

The answer is absolutely no.

Though the truth may not be what you and most marketers are willing to accept, it is still actual fact. But then again, hard work, trial and error are still not enough. They are simply the initial stages you may have to go through if you want to start internet marketing entirely on your own or buying courses that fail to deliver to your expectations. 

However if you want to avoid those, you ought to consider these 3 tactics should you start out as an affiliate.

They are:

1. Market Each Product With 1 Unique Site

Unless you promote various products within a common niche like weight loss ebooks, videos, pills and equipment, do not mix everything just to save costs on domain names. It is best to have different niche sites and domain names each focusing on a certain product.

If you are not good or comfortable with html, you could get a free Blogger or Weebly account. If you are, you can either download Kompozer, NVU or WordPress via your hosting account. 

Whichever the case, they have a variety of niche templates and themes for you to pick. You just need to do a Google search for those. For Blogger, Weebly and WordPress, they do have some default themes for you to choose.

Always come up with product reviews so that visitors will have an initial understanding on how this product can benefit them. If you can, get testimonies from users who have already used the product. This is a great way to presell if you are promoting as an affiliate.

You can also create a series of articles on the problems and  how this product can solve them as additional pages for your site. Like your main headline, make your sub headlines compelling as well. The same goes for your content with relevant images and videos in order to get your targeted audience to take action. 

If you can come up with demo or testimony videos, that will be best as it increases your chances of getting your readers into accepting your offer.

2. Give Away Free Reports To Your Readers

If possible, place those reports with an optin box at the top of your page to make them easy noticeable. To create an optin box, you need to get an autoresponder. 

For this, I highly recommend Aweber where you can get a greater variety of optin box templates,  compose and send emails to your subscribers. Your subscribers are those giving you their names and emails in exchange for your free reports. 

According to research, a sale is closed usually on the fourth to seventh offer you made to them.

2 things can happen in affiliate marketing. Either you closed sales or lose the prospects who left your site and never return again. 

By providing useful and relevant content on what they want to see, you are actually building rapport and relatonships with your subscribers. These are the keys to be a successful affiliate. Never try to make them an offer when they do not know you yet.

Focus on important points like how your product can make a positive and significant difference to their lives. Make your email subject lines and content attentive and unique. 

As much as possible, avoid using the word Free too much because there are still older spam filters that dumps those emails into the junk before your subscribers can even read them. 

3. Get Targeted Traffic To Your Product.

Consider this for a second. If your visitor has no interest in whatever you promote, they will simply move on and never come back. Apart from posting articles to article directories, you might want to consider ezines and press releases. 

Write at least 5 to 20 articles with at least 400 words for each product you promote. Besides individual articles, you can use them as content for your sites, free report and even emails as well. 

The same goes for your free or PPC ads, social bookmarks and videos. Doing these consistently will definitely help you to achieve as many targeted readers to your site as possible. 

Please note that out of every 100 people visiting your site, only 1 are likely to purchase your product or your services. And even if they buy, there is a possibility of them asking for a refund if they are not happy for whatever reason. But this is all part and parcel of running businesses be they online or offline. 

Whichever the case, the customers are always right and the only thing you can do is to keep working and improving to generate more traffic and sales. 

These 3 tactics given above are practical yet easy to follow. All you need is to put in a little time and take action on your part.

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