5 Blunders Of Custom Website Design

Having a look over the blunders of the custom website design and avoiding them can make your website very effective and liked by users.

Many of the web based business fail to sustain in the market due to not having a very good website. Blunders of custom website design might lead to failure of the web business and therefore it is better to avoid them. Some of the common blunders you can see on websites are stated below. These blunders can spoil your reputation on the web. Therefore try and avoid the following stated blunders.

  1. 1.      A step to make your custom website design unique

Many designers try to work on uniqueness. Uniqueness is no doubt, very essential while making a website. But it will be of no use if it will challenge the basic of the website. If people are not going to understand your creativeness then it will be of no use. Therefore make sure that you do not try to be unique at the cost of losing the basics.

  1. 2.      Including PDF files on the website

Many websites include PDF files on their website. Well this might lead to slow working of the website and thus user will have to wait long in order to use your website. This is the reason inclusion of the PDF might be a very wrong decision for you to make.

  1. 3.      Avoid inclusion of Prices

There is an option of making purchase from the web then why not use it thoroughly. Well many people avoid putting price in their custom website design. But make sure that you do not make such a mistake. It is important to let your users know what product you are offering and how much you are offering for. Information related to the price are generally appreciated by the web users and therefore should always be opted for.

  1. 4.      Compromising on facilities for searching

Many websites do not give lots of preferences to the search options on the websites. Make sure that you do not such a mistake. Give priority to the search engine options so that more and more people will come on your website and will correctly get the information they are looking out for. It will bring them to their desired destination without much of pain in searching. It will also be appreciated by the web users to a greater extent.

  1. 5.      Inappropriate use of keywords

Few custom website design providers do not give much importance to the keywords. This is a very big blunder and it is important that you avoid it as much as possible. Give as much as weight to the keywords so that the web page ranks will increase.

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