6 Advanced Traffic Building Strategies For Online Niche Marketing

This list of 6 innovative traffic strategies are advanced yet simple approaches which most successful internet marketer may be adopted one way or another for their websites, blogs, newsletters etc.

These strategies are proven effective in generating traffic, backlinks and getting buy-in for newsletter subscriptions. They raise the bar in generating greater intimacy between you the writer and your readers for bonding long term relationship.

Subscribe to My RSS, If You Want My Ebook for Free.
Create a free ebook to give away. But lead your readers step by step to subscribe to your RSS. Educate your readers with a guide to RSS if they are not familiar.

By the same token, use the same free ebook hook but let them register via your auto responder with their email addresses. There you have it, you have started generating more subscribed readers already.

Invite Expert Writers in Your Niche Market and Garner A Triple Win Proposition.
If you are in the In-circle with related and reputed niche experts of your online niche market segments, grab the opportunity to invite them as expert guest writers on your website on a regular basis, may be, weekly or fortnightly.

This could turn out to be a Triple Win situation for all parties, you, your guest writers and most importantly your readers. You get the added traffic that the expert writer is expected to pull in for you, the guest writers get his or her niche branding platform at no cost at all, and your readers benefit from more expert information!

Interview Experts, Load It Up and Create A Following With Anticipation.
Whenever you conduct a niche related interview with an industry or niche expert, always request permission that enables you to capture a video and upload into your website. Most experts being interviewed will not mind as this could generate good exposure and enhance his branding.

A trick is to roll out a long interview in a series of segments, timed to be released at specific timings on a regular basis. This creates excitement, anticipation and more than often tends to create a readership following over time.

Transcribe Your Interviews and Enhance Your Newsletter Subscriptions.
An alternative to the video interviews is to create a transcription version of the interview for those who prefer to read.

Segment them into a series of regular posts. Or create anticipation by advertisng the transcription postings on your website, and announcing distribution of the transcribed version via your weekly newsletter, letting it spread by word of mouth, thereby increasing subscription to your newsletter.

Publish Your Online Surveys Reports Free and Establish Your Authority.
You have recently completed an online survey report on your niche market segments and even added a commentary on the future trends of your niche market segments.

Generate excitement within your niche circle, be generous and give it away free by getting them to subscribe to your newsletter. By giving the report away free, you actually generate more long term readers and garner niche supporters. But more importantly, you have successfully positioned and branded yourself as the niche expert with the final say on future trends in your own niche segment.

You are The Unique Content. Pull in the Traffic with Your Niche Branding.
If You speak of the very unique niche market segment, are the subject matter or content expert and Only You can deliver that very Original and Unique Content, then you have the very strong branding pre-requisite that gives the pull. Examples are offline authority figures with some public interest announcing that he is starting a blog, the very fact of which will drive traffic.

In Conclusion
Note that the above are probably what a lot of internet marketers deem as White Hat tactics, requiring a fair amount of hard work and time to achieve. But once the traffic is generated, they are with you for the long term, with the assumption that you continuously and ethically bond with them.

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