6 Ways To Duck Darts In The Internet Jungle!

If you surf the web like I do, you are bombarded with hundreds of get-rich-quick and get-rich-even-quicker offers. How can you find out which of these darts are poisonous to your financial future? Use these 6 steps to protect yourself and find honest moneymaking programs.

I started blogging in May of 2006. I wanted to create a place on the internet where I could accomplish two goals:

Goal #1.

I wanted to give my opinions on Current Events and, hopefully, encourage others to join me in a lively exchange of ideas. You see, I am a retired Radio/TV News broadcaster. Giving my opinions was something I did not have the luxury of doing during my career because I had to remain neutral. Now, I can give my opinions and I am having great fun doing it!

Goal #2.

I wanted to make a little extra money in my retirement while learning something new. Many male retirees head for the golf course, the bowling alley, even the Club to down a few beers and talk sports. None of that appeals to me so I chose to learn something new – the internet and blogging.

Well, what began as simple goals grew into nearly a full time project! I now have 15 blogs covering various topics! I chose Blogger.com because it’s totally Free! It’s a Google company so I automatically get great exposure. As of this writing, my pages have been viewed over 8,000 times! Not bad for someone who knew absolutely nothing about the internet.

Trying to make a little extra money was a bit tougher. I quickly got lost in the jungle of internet marketing, dodging the darts from various tribes (marketers). I began exploring any path that seemed promising, that would lead me out of the jungle. I signed up for countless newsletters, forums, and special packages of Free stuff. My computer files were quickly loaded with tons and tons of directions to do this and that. I was quickly lost and overwhelmed by the choices. It took over an hour each day just to get through all the emails from marketers!

It quickly became clear that I needed a guide, someone or something, a guide that could really show me the way out of the jungle. One thing I knew, right off the bat was: Hold onto my money!

I have read of folks, like me, who have spent thousands of dollars on the various get-rich-overnight schemes only to be disappointed. Are in that category? Have you already spent hundreds or thousands of dollars only to be disappointed? Are you still lost in the internet jungle, trying to buy your way out?

As of this article I have only spent $127.00 on internet marketing programs. I got a refund of $17.00 of that from a marketer who misrepresented his product. But, I did not get the refund from him. I got the refund from my credit card company. They are going after him for the $17.00. You see, he lives in another country. I’ll explain why this was a problem in a minute.

Here is how to avoid being scammed by internet marketing hucksters:

#1 – Use Google, Yahoo, and MSN to search by the name of the program that interests you.

Not only will you find positive comments but, if the program is a scam, you will find negative comments as well. If it’s a relatively new program you might not find anything either way. If you find nothing – DO NOTHING! Don’t be the first victim and always remain cautious as you move through the steps outlined here.

#2 – Make sure there is a 100% No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back-Guarantee!

This is not always completely safe as evidenced by the $17.00 I had to get back. That marketer pleaded poverty and said he did not have the money to issue a refund. He offered to give me a different product in exchange for my refund. While most marketers will honor their guarantee, this guy was obviously a scam artist. It only takes a few to empty your wallet.

#3 – Know who you are dealing with.

Reputable marketers will disclose their identity up front. There should be an easy way to contact them and their name and location should be readily available. One of the things I regularly do is send them an email with questions about the product. I wait to see how long it takes them to respond and how clear their answer is. If they do not respond within 24 hours, move on. Do not buy the product. Obviously they will not respond quickly when you need help with their product.

#4 – If you do buy a program, make sure you test it immediately.

The idea here is to be sure you are within the time frame of the guarantee to ask for a refund if you are not satisfied. Some of the programs take some time to implement. You may have to ask questions of the author. All this takes time. The clock begins ticking when you download the program or method.

#5 – Know the country of origin.

This ties in with knowing who you are dealing with. The interenet is worldwide in scope. I am in the United States. I have downloaded Free stuff from many marketers in many countries around the world.

Here is the important thing to remember: They are not bound by the Internet Marketing Laws of the United States! That’s right. It may be difficult, if not impossible, to get a refund from a foreign scam artist.

The marketer I mentioned earlier was from Quebec, Canada. My credit card company operates in Canada so they are after him. They already have credited my card for the $17.00. Bottom line: Do your research (see #1 above) before you whip out the plastic!

#6 – Search online for Internet Scams.

I left this for last because there is no single website that lists every single scam. That would literally be an impossible task. But, all do list a few scams so save this step for when you have exhausted all the other steps. Just Google “Internet Scams” to find these types of websites. Some of these allow you to report a scam as well.

I hope this will be your guide out of the internet marketing jungle. It has served me well. I trust it will serve you and save you a lot of money and frustration.

Remember this – It’s Get Rich Slow that works everytime!

Yours for success in life.

Jim DeSantis

P.S. – Please forward this article to someone who may benefit from it.

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