A Quick Cure For Tennis Elbow

Modern society has made human life easier and safer in many aspects, but it has also opened up the door to conditions that were previously rare. The repetitive nature of many of the tasks we do on a daily basis can lead to what are commonly referred to as repetitive motion or overuse injuries.

The most widely known example of a repetitive motion injury is called “tennis elbow.” Tennis elbow is an injury of the tendon located in the elbow caused by moving the joint in the same manner over an extended period, without proper rest. The symptoms are nagging pain on the outside of the elbow that is aggravated by even light use of the arm.

One need not be a tennis player to develop this condition. Any activity that forces you to continuously bend the arm can cause it. Another example is runner’s knee. This is an almost identical overuse injury of the tendons in the knee, caused by the repetitive motion of jogging long distances.

Since tendon injuries take so long to heal and cause such debilitating pain, the best strategy is prevention. While muscles repair themselves relatively quickly, tendons require much more time to heal. Generally joints must be immobilized to allow for the complete healing of a tendon, which is extremely inconvenient. Proper rest and varying your activities are good preventive measures. When you begin to feel pain in your joints, change or limit your activities immediately or face months if not years of painful healing.

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