Advanced HP C7973A LTO-3 Ultrium Tape

Long durable life and unparalleled robustness are ensured in the HP C7973A LTO3 tapes. The cartridge memory and the unique internal head cleaning process make the HP C7973A ultrium media even more reliable and efficient. The self diagnostic feature boosts the performance level and data reliability of the HP LTO-3 storage technology. 800GB compressed and 400 GB uncompressed information can be safely recorded in C7973A LTO-3 tape cartridge. Economical backup operations of HP C7973A ultrium tape saves cost and improves efficiency. HP ultrium LTO3 delivers excellent performance in automated and standalone working systems. HP C7973A is compatible with all the tape drives of third generation. Transfer rate of HP LTO-3 is 160 MB/second (compressed). Lowest cost per GB and highest capacity are offered by HP LTO-3 tapes. Unique and advantageous features of HP C7973A ultrium tape has made this ultrium tape media the most demanding tape storage standard.

Bit density of HP LTO-3 tape media has been enhanced by using advanced coating mechanism and robust base film. This increased bit density enables the HP C7973A cartridge to hold more data utilizing the same physical space. LTO-2 ultrium contains 512 data tracks while on the other hand the HP C7973A LTO-3 media has 704 data tacks therefore it can record more amount of information.

The HP LTO-3 media supports transfer rate of 160 MB/s in compressed mode it is used in HP Storageworks 960 tape drive. Tape media products of HP are exhaustively qualified to be qualified with both non-HP and HP LTO products. High levels of performance and durability are guaranteed by the HP media products because of the continuous testing programs that are conducted by the media laboratories of Hewlett-Packard.

HP C7973A LTO-3 tape is ideal for departmental backups and data centers where performance, cost, speed and capacity are more critical. The network administrators, consultants and I.T managers have improved their data backup operations by adopting the HP LTO-3 tape technology. HP C7973A ultrium media has alleviated the stress and work load of managing massive volumes of critical data. HP LTO3 format saves cost and has longer useful life.

C7973A LTO-3 tape media provides superior data reliability and highest storage capacity than other tape technologies. 1GB of information can be backed up on a HP ultrium-3 C7973A tape cartridge within 12.5 seconds. SEC Rule 17a, Basle II, Sarbanes Oxley and similar kind of other strict legislations require that the companies should preserve and keep a record of their data for specific time period. HP LTO-3 C7973A is the best tape media which enables the users to efficiently manage and backup their sensitive data.

LTO-2 format takes about 33 seconds while the in LTO-1 tape format it takes just over 1 minute to backup 1GB data. WORM functionality further enhances the data reliability and security of HP LTO-3. HP C7973A tape media offers a cost effective solution to its customers. HP LTO-3 media enables the users to easily manage, archive, record and secure the sensitive information hence satisfying the stringent regulations.

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