Americas Relationship With Self Storage Units

Self storage unit spaces are filled up across America because some of us gather more stuff than we need. However, a majority of self storage unit rooms are packed full all because of human relationships.

For one thing, we have a peace and relaxation when we are around our own things. Could one just sell or get rid of all their possessions and buy new when they need it? Sure, but there is a sense of home that comes with the collection of Grandmas quilt on the wall, Moms china cabinet in the dining room and your own couch that make you glad to be home.

The relationships and memories we attach to our tangible things makes renting a self storage unit the only possibility for keeping your items stores in a safe environment.

Our relationships with each other also play into the circumstances surrounding a self storage unit renter. Whether congratulations are in order or condolences, rental units are an answer to prayer for families in transition.

For example, a man and woman who have been living in their own apartments for a few years have each accumulated a small household of goods. When the two lovebirds are joined in marriage, it is safe to say they will live together. However, it is not only the two that are joined as one. Their items, their dinnerware, their futon and couches, their dinning room table, his pool table and her scrapbooking and even more oddities all need a place to live in this new relationship. A rental unit is the perfect compromise to start off a union in peace and harmony.

Another example of our relationship with self storage unit rentals is in the midst of a huge transition. Growing families expecting a new baby will find that the game room must quickly turn into a nursery. Keeping the pool table, bar and leather chairs is a must. Stuffing them in the back of the garage will only lead to collecting a larger pile of clutter and before long, the items you wanted to keep safe are ruined by dust, oil spills, and damaged by what is piled on top of it. The convenience of renting a unit will make the family happy.

Sadly, there are more relationships that tie us to renting a store room. The passing of a loved one leaves a hole in our heart and fills our home with inherited furniture, books, even piles of paperwork. Sorting through your mother or fathers home is not usually the first step of the grieving process. Moving things to a rental room is a relieving way to bide some time and come to an agreement with your sister over who gets the cedar chest.

Yes, our personal relationships join us to our local store room. Even beyond our relationships with one another, there are outlying circumstances that thrust us into looking for a place to rent.

Mother Nature is one force to be reckoned with. She may see fit to flood, tear down, set ablaze or freeze your home, in which case the only thing left to do is salvage what you can. But where will you put it? Keeping the precious things left after disaster is ideal for renting a unit.

Our relationships with the items we put emotional value to, the items that have a real value, our relationships with our friends and family and the tender balance with Mother Nature often face transition and uproot us. Renting a unit is what helps smooth each transition into a manageable circumstance.

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