Back to Fresh: Rolex Submariner & Daytona Black Gold Watches

In fact I myself had never imagined how beautiful things can become when the black meets the gold color on a wristwatch, and then in the year 2010 the watchmaker of Rolex just showed me how brilliantly they could handle the two together and bring to the world something gorgeous, something two-tone, with a really nice combo of black and yellow gold. Check out the Rolex Submariner & Daytona Black & Gold Modified Watches and you’ll get my point.
The modification is made possible with the help of the DLC treatments on Rolex watch modifications. Although I might be wrong, yet I had ever seen a Rolex mod done in this way. To get this effect, Time & Gems coated the steel portions with black DLC, leaving the golden parts alone. DLC coating is rather hard and becoming more often used than PVD these years.
I should say this modification is indeed a great success, at least the modified Daytona and Submariner models turned out to be pretty eye-appealing. Time & Gems actually has nicely breathed life back into these Rolex watches. Well I also believe other Rolex models from other lines could also look great in such a style.
Yet, the modifications in their looks do not mean much change in the numbers on the price tags, still sky-high, even higher than before. And if, unluckily yet probably, you are also from the massive camp of the not-that-rich people, then your story with Rolex watches is also likely to end up sad, since it’s never an easy thing to afford such luxurious timepieces made by the most world-famous brand. But for people who often have to forget the idea of buying designer watches, there can be a much better choice — going for replica watches! Maybe the imitation items have somehow left bad impression on you, but the well crafted replica watches actually will surpass your expectation and amaze you.
Among so many Swiss replica watches, Rolex replica watches definitely own an absolute large proportion. Well, we all know that Rolex replica watches have many collections and models, among which, the Submariner collection is the relatively famous one and has been widely imitated. As many people considered, Rolex watches are the luxuries that only purchased by wealthy person and powerful people. They always seem so untouchable for ordinary people. However, these days more and more Rolex replica watches have been created to meet the tremendous demands of the market and they are also accepted by more and more people.

Rolex Submariner watch was initially created in 1953 and since then it becomes the symbol of the brand’s supremacy in water resistance. Watches in Submariner collection boast different depth water resistance of 100, 200 and 300 meters. Not exaggeratedly saying, Rolex Submariner watch has played a very crucial role in developing legendary dive watches.

The case of the Submariner watch is 40mm diameter, which is regular size of Rolex. The tradition dial and bezel of the watch are in black or green, and the robust construction also boasts supreme corrosion-resistance. The bezel is fitted with platinum graduations for 60 minutes, with which people could get the safe and easy reading of the dive time. The luminescent coated hour markers and hands further offer the perfect legibility to the Rolex watch. As the same as other high quality Rolex watches, the dial is also protected by a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.


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