Backlinks – Do Articles And Ezines Really Help?

Well the answer to that question is both Yes and no. A while back it would have been a classic Yes, but these days with the way algorithms work, especially with Google, it now looks at titles, content and bio’s for duplicate content. If it finds any, only the original one will be listed, and if that happens to be a Pagerank of ‘1’, then all your hard work is quite useless to you.

Even worse is that since around February 2007 Google established that sites less than Pagerank ‘4’ are worth much less than they used to be, even with related content.

So what does this mean to those of us who publish articles, is it a waste of time? Well no, you see although Google is the No.1 search engine, we still have plenty of others that are not so strict with backlinking, and most people seem to forget about them. Even so, you need to work harder these days to can have the most out of your articles.

So how do I do that I hear you ask? Well inaugural of all most people these days use pc’s to do the job for them, you can find plenty of reviews by searching for them, I will not go into any detail on any particular program in this article.

What you need in your computers is firstly, it can log into the sites, publish your article, logout and move onto the next one. But that is not all you need these days, you usually need another piece of pc’s that will rewrite the articles for you, not the rubbish that moves paragraphs around, or publishes keyword fodder, the computers required is the ones that adapt synonyms so that the article still makes sense and flows the way you wrote it in the maiden place.

If you then run off say 50-100 different copies, this is usually enough for submission.

The submission computers should allow you to include *.txt files with a list of titles on it relating to your article, and another *.txt files with a list of bio’s. During submission the computer software should randomly pick an article, a title, and a bio, so every time it submits, you are getting a very good mixture. So most will get through the search engine looks at.

It is also a good idea to search for your proposed titles on the internet in phrase form, if any come up, dump them. You only need 5-10 different titles and bio’s.

If you run a number of websites, including different addresses in the bio will do you an even bigger favour, and give you a more random spread of bio’s, try and keep the article related in some way to the sites you are pointing to though.

Alway use http//xxxxxxxx in the bio as well as href, with a keyword link, to make sure at least one link is live, as not all scripts work the same.

Never put the same article with changed synonyms on the same article submission website, it is usually picked up and deleted, and you are not only wasting the time of the reviewer, but annoying them, and if it happens more than once they may cancel your account, and delete all your entries.

In order to ensure you can have as many Backlinks as possible, you also need to write a few articles pointing to the same site(s), as Google is clever enough now to pick up ‘near enough’ duplicates, so some of your articles is usually dropped, although most other engines will probably list them.

And finally, when submitting your articles, do it with sites ranked 6-10 original, and then wait a few days, so that they are indexed first. Then submit it to all the other sites. This makes sure the originals indexed are on good Pagerank sites, and are earliest in the list if Google drops most of the others for being near duplicates.

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