Bali Villa Rental Tips and Tricks

When like me, you have been injured by the ‘Holiday Villa Bug’, you will may have learned that no resort can match the privacy and high-class of a good Villa Holiday. The great news is that nowadays there are even more villa local rental options out there than previously. Not to mention the fact that once you know how to choose the right holiday rental villa you will be keeping a lot of money in comparison to the very same level of service inside a comparable quality motel.

construire a bali

It seems that no whereby the world has seen as large an explosion of luxury fully serviced private villas, as the island regarding Bali in Indonesia.

Okay, I happen to be blessed with a great line of work, as a Journey Writer, and have recently been lucky enough to stay in among the best tropical resorts worldwide, especially in Asia. But still for me, nothing compares to the peace, luxurious and delights (not forgetting the cost effectiveness) to stay in a good repaired villa in Bali.

So, what makes a ‘good holiday villa’?

Like everybody else, I have learned how to choose the perfect villa through fortune, some mistakes as well as sheer experience.

Listed below are my top tips for picking the right villa in Bali for your Bali holiday.


This seems obvious, but it is not necessarily easy to make the right place decision when we are sitting at home, far away from the holiday destination.

As with other world-class holiday location, Bali offers a range of possibilities, from ‘central’ locations, to the people which offer ‘absolute tranquility’.

I personally as being a balance between the a pair of. On a Bali villa holiday, the worst thing one needs is to be so central that you seem like you are an extension of a night club’s starting unit till tiny hours of the morning hours. On the other hand, I really don’t want to be more than 15-20 units away from where the eating places, shops and the actions is. I like our villa to be certainly peaceful, preferably amongst almond fields, but concurrently accessible (within 30 moments of the airport, and some minutes from the activity).

The great thing is that Bali caters for all of these tastes.

People seeking a convenient location, with a lively ambiance may want to look into Legian and also Seminyak, (I exclude Kuta area from this list, since there are hardly any proper local rental villas left with this bustling tourist middle).

Those who don’t head a bit of a trek, and do not want to go out and about much during their getaway, may opt for locations such as Uluwatu or Canggu and also beyond.

For me an ideal choice is Kerobokan and Umalas regions. Quiet rural surroundings, surrounded by rice terraces and real villagers going about their real day-to-day routines (instead of looking to push you a handmade items (Kuta) or pull anyone into a restaurant you actually couldn’t care for (Seminyak)).

Good quality and Availability of Services Now this is an region where villas change from each other immensely. In Bali most villas say to be ‘fully serviced’. However, precisely how ‘fully’ and how ‘serviced’ range from the most rudimentry to being entirely pampered.

A good villa should provide a guest in order to total staff rate of nearly 1 to 1, or at least 1.Five to 1. So, if you are a group of 8 you ought to be looking at, at least, 5-6 regular staff, or for a gaggle of 4 at least 3-4 full time staff. Sounds ostentatiously large? It really isn’t when you consider the effort it takes to keep a holiday villa, it’s gardens, and the pool area in a tip-top shape.

Needless to say, quantity is never the one answer. The staff has to be full-time and fully-trained at a professional level. There are too many villa rentals out there, which are run by ‘part-time’ managers and staff who even have other full time jobs elsewhere!

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