Benefits to the environment and also pastoralist communities of natural certification for environmentally friendly harvesting of frankincense along with myrrh in north Nigeria

It is a difficult lifestyle for pastoralists – living in inhospitable arid regions, recurrent droughts where almost no rain or simply no rain falls in any respect, and the constant tension of looking for brand new pasture. On top of that the particular insecurity caused from nearby tribes raiding and stealing cows and the battles as well as killing of people that opt for it. A total addiction to livestock means normally a high livelihood low self-esteem. An alternative income could exist in these arid areas from the naturally sourced drought resistant plants of Boswellia and Commiphora kinds which produce savoury resins of frankincense and myrrh. However for this to be successful you need markets for the resins and/or essential oils which are tough to establish. However with certified organic myrrh and also myrrh collection areas targets your niche organic marketplace for the resins or their essential oils due to the ‘good feel’ factor on the worldwide markets for purchasing items from sustainable as well as traceable sources. The aim is to have a dependable and regular market so that collectors can rely on this resource for a regular income and therefore plan collection activities.
Two areas within north Kenya have been certified organic pertaining to frankincense. This has created a trustworthy income and with that an awareness of the price of the resource which in turn otherwise in future could be cut down or mutilated by way of lack of respect. In case collectors can prepare their collection activities, the harvest will likely be sustainable as they sustain the trees with regard to future harvests. In addition, it lessens a reliance on livestock husbandry and with this increased livelihood security. The collectors of the resins are mainly women who primary their income towards the basic necessities of life, caring for family members, buying food and paying for the education of these children.

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