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Welcome to Easy Webs and SEO, here’ wanted to outline what sort of trends of web page design are changing so quickly on a daily basis, what was once a long and slow experience for both the web page design team and the consumer is now a faster process thanks to many program on the internet allowing literally anyone to build their own website online, most web design agencies frown this, they say “it’s all Flash” “They don’t search great” etc. etc., nicely I would like to just collection the record right as these platforms opposed to everything a website creator coder has seen as it has endangered the lifeline of their livelihood, long gone are the days of sitting there programming a full a full website for the small business, in other words they don’t have the budget of say £800 to experience a site built for a normal decorator, what they want can be a fast and cost effective solution to an online presence.
Yes they can go online and try to build their own Cheap Website but I see the same pattern growing every time, they start along with full enthusiasm, receive the site looking good, allow it to go loose on the internet and this bottoms out, nowhere fast to be seen and they be done with it, instead of putting in the task at the beginning, the problem is that would they know what the search engines are searching for?
No they don’t, Search engine optimization has changed in a enormous way over the last 12 months, most companies were asking for fortunes on Monthly contracts for the services, however this is not the case any more, what was once a monthly charge of £199.00 to maintain you up the rankings can now be implemented pertaining to £40.00 and in some cases an online site can rise over the ranks without even pressing it.
When we make a website we like to keep points simple and we adhere to a formula that works as well as that’s a fact.
• Nice easy to understand clean Cheap site.
• All the relevant information in the Cheap website.
• All the back end of the internet site reads as it need to so the search engines will get it (and let’s end up being frank here, merely Google matters!)
• Mobile optimised Cheap Website, there are many people with hand held cellular phones and the trend can be ever growing, out of 1800 Ferraris offered last year 860 were searched and bought utilizing a mobile device.
• All the bells and whistles I.E. Business results, Webmaster tools, Yahoo and google Maps, Tap to Call, this allows us all to keep a close eye on just what the website is doing, what folks typed in to find the web site, how long they stick to the Cheap website, what page they left the website, where these are from.
• Weekly ranking studies, Google rankings can change on a daily basis and if the site is dropping along we can act along with push it back up, how ? Simple, fresh content, relevant backlinks on other websites.
Now we are not saying that a Cheap website may be the be all and also end all to get a business as this is far from the truth, in some cases however some companies are built around an online business and if that was to diminish so would the business enterprise, but in today’s world of online marketing a Website is essential, a lot of people will ask you, “do there is a website we can take a look at?” this gives the potential consumer the opportunity to browse through what you are about in the convenience being alone along with making judging selections that could convert in a sale, or not.

To put it simply, we at Effortless Webs and Search engine optimization are the Cheapest Web-site designers in the UK, we don’t possess add ons, we don’t get hidden charges, many of us let you control everything you put into the site if you want to find us all just type in Google Cheap Website, Cheap Web site Company,Cheap Website Design ” and you will find us up there on page One.
Many thanks for reading as well as God Bless.

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