Dental Marketing Tips: How To Attract A Flood Of High Quality Patients In A Minimal Time!

As a consultant for dental marketing, I have been very successful in getting my clients to bring in so many new patients, and to have my clients accept my cases as well so fast for years now. In this article, you will be able to have great tips on how to become successful in the business of dental marketing. As a dental marketing consultant, I will help you to go away from the traditional ways of being “procedure-oriented”, and to be able to find a unique perspective on how to win patients in a different, more effective way. And as an effective consultant, I will also share a rather unique view of how trust develops between the dental marketer and the customer/patient to the reader.

You may ask to a dental marketing consultant, “Well, I’m really not a marketer as such. I just want to sell or provide as much (with services like TMJ, Restorative Work, Implants, Cosmetics, Dentures, Whitening, etc.) And I understand that you have to go through all these “marketing” and “emotional connection” stuff and it spells too much work. Now, how do I make this one work without going through all these steps?”.

I understand this kind of question very well. As a consultant I have always encountered this kind of question. As individuals who are in the line of dental marketing, your goals are to get a ton of new patients, buying and choosing your services as fast as possible. So how do you achieve these goals?

As a consultant, I would advise you to develop empathy with your patients. In dental marketing, this is perhaps the most important skill you will need to get people to totally trust you. As you look it up in the dictionary, it is defined as “intellectual or imaginative apprehension of another’s condition or state of mind!”. It means, in plain English, that you have to have a complete understanding of the psychological state of mind of your prospect, and they sense it without you having to tell them! Always remember that the operating force here is the actual state of mind of your prospect, not what you want it to be, or think it should be! There is nothing more irrelevant on this planet than what you think someone else should be interested in! For example, we all believe very strongly that the services we provide can help most people solve many dental problems or enhance the quality of their look, teeth, confidence, etc. Things like: (1) Having a confident, beautiful smile;(2) Pain Free Dentistry;(3) Whiter, Straighter, Healthier Teeth;(4) Oral Cancer Prevention;(5) Ending Periodontal disease;(6) Raising Cavity Free Kids;(7) Ending the pain of a cavity;(8) Headache Relief;(9) Ending Facial and Oral Pain ; etc. Now most of us know that certain procedures will solve many of these problems, like bridge, crown, vaneers, extractions, NTI, dentures, regular cleanings, basic oral hygiene, etc. Now you may ask, “Why is it so hard to convince people to go ahead with these procedures, when the procedures are so much better than the situations people find themselves in now?” The answer to this is simple; “Almost everyone outside of the dental profession pays little, if any, attention to dental health issues until they are forced to do so!” This answer would then lead you to the next tip.

Now as a consultant, I would like to tell you that in dental marketing, you should always find ways to win the confidence of your patients before they accept your treatments. To make real money, which means doing a ton of high end procedures, keeping your hygienists and associates busy, you have to have a deep, empathetic connection into their heart! Take for example the scenario of going to bed with a member of the opposite sex. You would not just walk up to someone, and ask them to go to bed, starting to brag about how good you are in bed, how many members of the opposite sex you have slept with in the last ten years, and so on. Would anyone go to bed with you when you come on so threatening and pushy? And would anyone be likely to be persuaded unless he or she actually wanted to go to bed, after enough time had passed? Now, this example may seem a little bit outlandish to some. But when you look at it deeply, as you ask someone to get uppers and lowers or new dentures, aren’t you asking them to go to “dental bed” with you? So, we see here that winning the confidence and trust of your patients would be a best way to boost up your dental marketing status.

And as a consultant, I would also like to advise the dental marketer not to sell the procedures. Instead, you should present solutions, and the let the patients choose and accept the service and solution. Make it a point that none of your clients should sell a thing. Find out exactly what your patients want, and then give it to them. Now this may seem a bit awkward to people who have been following the procedure-oriented protocols of traditional, dental marketing. But it would be very effective to have the patients decide for themselves and accept your services, and not forcing them in anyway to do so.

Now, there might be no easy ways or magic formulas to be successful in dental marketing. But as a consultant, I would advise you to be patient (as it takes time for these tips to boost your skills in having good numbers of case or treatment acceptance) and follow these tips religiously.

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