Did I Really Do My Hair For This?

Does I Really Do My Locks For This? Continues to be a greatest seller as it illustrates the funny reports of one girls hunt for love and erotic mishaps

Let’s face it, online dating can be funny, complicated, and downright aggravating at times. It also tends to make great entertainment, since evidenced in Stephanie Goldman’s book, Did I Really Do My Hair For This? The actual Dating Disasters of an Not So Desperate Young lady. What started out as being a personal blog is now a 148 page book that appeals to practically anyone who has a sense of wit and has ever been on the date.

Some take into account the book to be the female counterpart to the hugely successful “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” by Tucker Max. Goldman’s correct recounts of the wacky dating world are indeed humorous, nevertheless also display a side of power in women. Nothing is held back, as Goldman offers each story within great detail. E-mail, this does include in the bedroom explicit stories that will any other writer might have been afraid to include.

Did I Really Do My Curly hair For This? was authored by Sakura Publishing in April of 2011. Revenue of the book speedily skyrocketed and show no signs of decreasing anytime soon. The book is now available for purchase on the Sakura internet site in both paperback and e-book formats. It is also provided by major book vendors such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It is constantly rank highly on Amazon’s Women’s Chart, with testimonials being extremely good. The book reached greatest seller status, with more than 10,000 replicates being sold.

Additional awareness of the book has been drawn from Twitter posts made by Sophia Plant, one of the stars in the hit show, A single Tree Hill. About more than one occasion Tree has praised the novel via social media. The combination of superstar recognition and extremely positive viewer feedback are two of the reasons that the story is now being deemed by various film production companies for a possible motion picture.

Even though a year has passed because the release of Did I Really Do My Hair Because of this? The Dating Unfortunate occurances of a Not So Determined Girl, the online dating depictions offered by Goldman have proven that they have no shelf-life. Note that while the tucker max provides mass appeal to females, the humor just isn’t lost of men who are interested in having a behind the scenes look at relationship from the female point of view. As word with this collection of highly relate-able and also hilarious stories continues to spread, the book is required to become a classic that is certainly worth owning.

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