Dream Job … Reality or Myth?

RedStarResume posted this question to your readers. Here are your responses:

“It depends on what is the foundation of somebody defines his/her dream job.. Could it be learning, Money, Foreign trips, Brand Name etc. etc. According to me, it’s about identifying what you are, what your natural talents are and after that getting into a job that you get to apply the talents on a day by day basis. In other words you provide an opportunity to do best daily and you look forward to visiting work everyday. For that reason, there is something which you yourself have to do to get a dream jobs (determining what is he hunting for and what abilities he brings on stand) and then there is something that Organizations have to do (discover the talent, put him in a proper role and give him or her a great manager) and you might land into a dream job”

“A dream job is a that makes you look ahead for the Monday throughout the weekends, week after week, every month & year after year”

“The term to ‘create a individually satisfying career path’ will not sound as clever but is probably much more helpful. The idea of ‘finding your own dream job’ makes several presumptions, each of which has its constraints:

1) There is only one job that would fit you – you may have several choices and you can’t do them all

2) This already exists on the market – you may have to invent it

3) You’ll stay the same forever – your priorities and skills will change over time

4) The job will stay the identical forever – the character of the job may change
Sometimes the biggest concern is not ‘finding’ the job nevertheless recognizing it when you see it. Some people mention a dream job as being something has personal meaning. The question is still. Do you find a job that will already has this means or do you try to find the meaning in your job?Inch

“There is potential in each and every job, to be a dream job? Well, I believe so. Any job could be a dream job through your attitude, thankfulness, and choice. Are you currently a clerk with a bookstore? Are you a town garbage truck driver? or perhaps is it washing vehicles or fixing personal computers ? Maybe you love to cut people’s lawns. Properly, there are no menial jobs; simply menial attitudes. Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to function a day in your life and that’s your dream job”

“Walking to work with a large smile on your encounter on a Monday morning in anticipation of the day as well as week ahead might be a good indicator. Also i think that the challenge once you’ve found it is to carry on and appreciate it, to be able to leave it on a Fri or in the days and not to want it too much. Otherwise the ‘Dream Job ‘may be fleeting”

“A dream job is but one that you’ll do if you live not paid for it”

“A dream job is certainly one in which you are able to utilize your talents throughout meaningful ways, engage in activities that provide others and your higher self, and pay out becomes a byproduct of private reward and pleasure. Many people are fortunate enough to operate in situations that encourage passion and growth in themselves and others. Discover what makes your heart sing and pursue it relentlessly”

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