Five Pens History Making Moments

Throughout history, there have been many writing instruments. Charcoal, quills, and Montblanc Pens among them. While the saying goes, “the pen is mightier than the sword,” is that true? Can we claim moments where the use of a pen affected world change so much more than the use of a weapon? The incidents are irrefutable. I bring to you, 5 Moments where a Pen was a Part of History.
5. In wartime, a Parker pen (The Parker 51) was used to sign the Japanese surrender in 1945. (

4. Space. The final frontier. The Fisher Pen Co. self-funded research to develop a pen suited for the rigorous temperatures and gravity-free environment of space exploration. NASA eventually tested and purchased the Fisher Space pens, and used them for Project Apollo in 1967. The Russian space program made use of the Fisher pens as well, ordering a number of units for their cosmonauts. (

3. Supposedly, a solid-gold Waterman Pen was the pen of choice to sign the Treaty of Versailles, ending World War I. (

2. A Mont Blanc 149 appears in an exchange between President John F. Kennedy and German chancellor Konrad Adenauer on a visit to Germany, assisting in bridging diplomatic relations.

1. For the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 they made use of a Syng Inkstand. If only they’d had a Montblanc Fountain Pen available at the time, John Hancock might have had a bigger signature.
The pen has a fantastic pedigree of users throughout history, from our greatest minds (Einstein, who used a Waterman) to our most intriguing celebrities (Johnny Depp prefers Mont Blanc, while Karl Lagerfeld designed his own Mon Dupont from S.T. Dupont). Think again about the pen you hold, for you might be holding a piece of history without even knowing it.

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