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What is Craig’s list?

      For those of you that don’t know, Craig’s list is a very powerful way to generate free traffic to your website. Craig’s list is actually a classifieds advertising website, which means that it’s main purpose is to sell second hand goods. But, if were a little bit sneaky, we can drive free traffic to our website.

Step 1:

      Ok, first of, all you need to do is go to, this will bring you to a page with lots of different category option. First choose your location. chose one of the major city, some where that you would expect to get a lot a reads. For Example – London, New York, Chicago.

Step 2:

      To the left hand side you will see a search option. Type in your chosen niche, select services then click the ‘>’ button. This will take you to a page where you can see all of your competition. Now, depending on what you’ve type in will depend on how much competition you
will be up against.

Step 3:

      Lets do a better job. As with all marketing, you need to look at you competition, and be able to to a better job. So, check out the title lines that the others are using and find ways of improving them. You need to – make your title a call to action line – create suspense – use Capitalization – include the orange ‘img’ at the end. This is added if you ad an image to your post. The job of your title is to get visitors to click it.

Step 4:

      Setting up your ad. Down the left hand side, click onto ‘My Account’. Below the signup box, click the link ‘Click here to sign up’. Fill out your Email address, them enter your verification word. They will then send you an Email to confirm your account.

Step 5:

      Posting your ad: On the home page select the location that you want to post your ads – London, Miami etc. Then click the ‘Post to classifieds’ link. Once inside, select the category that you want your ad to appear in.

Step 6:

      Writing your ad: Ok, you should already have an idea for your headline. Remember, make it catchy. Now all you have to do is write your body copy. Once again, the purpose of your body copy is to try and get the reader to take action. You want them to visit your website.

Step 7:

      Confirm your details: Once you have finished your ad, simply confirm your details and your done.

Ok guys, that about it. This is so easy to do, you can set this up today, easy and fast. Simply follow my insturctions as you read them, and you will have FREE traffic coming in, in no time.

Good Luck!
Jeff Spires

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