Gervais Group – Organic Vs. PPC

An effective marketing program often hinges upon creativity.  Many people find themselves going through the motions, not really sure what avenues to pursue with their search engine optimization (SEO).  Effective SEO companies will focus on providing a variety of ways to boost your search engine ranking, not just relying on the same tactics over and over. 

One question you may have during your SEO campaign is whether to focus on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or a more organic approach to SEO.  PPC is an Internet advertising model used on search engines such as Google and Yahoo in which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked on.  You can buy or bid on a keyword and whenever someone types in that keyword, one of your ads can pop up.  PPC may seem like a great option because you can target specific regions, specific keywords and so forth.  However, the downside to PPC is that it’s straight forward advertising, and your average person always has their guard up to advertising.

With Google, the PPC links are usually highlighted in yellow at the top of the search results page and are on the right of your options.  Many people notice the distinction and so do not click on them, assuming they are just ads.  The validity of these sites may be very valuable to searchers, and they may have high organic results as well, but people often choose not to trust advertising.

Organic results are often involve more work, but people also trust them more.  This is sort of the difference between advertising and public relations.  Any public relations campaign has an agenda, just like advertising, but public relations involves a much more subtle approach.  Public relations attempts to get a company’s message across to potential customers by holding events, getting articles written in newspapers, using blogs and other avenues.  These are the sorts of things people tend to trust.  Advertising and public relations are not that different, in fact advertising is more straight forward in its approach, yet people don’t trust it as much.

There are many PPC avenues, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter are the three largest.  All of these operate under a bid-based model, which can be a major challenge if you’re in heated competition with another company.  With SEO, you may not be able to guarantee yourself a top three rank every time, but with an effective SEO company working for you, it is possible to get great results on a consistent basis.

A quality SEO company can do more than just impact your ranking in a positive way, it can perform a variety of tasks that will give you an effective Internet marketing campaign.  You can have a tailored program to boost sales and customer attention.  SEO is an art, and a highly skilled SEO company can produce the kinds of results that will be a huge benefit to your company.  The Gervais Group has the necessary skill and successful track record that can benefit you, whether you are an insurance company, an attorney or a restaurant.

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