Guide To Generate Free Web Traffic

It took me way too much time to figure out Googles ranking system. I was wondering why is my site never listed on Google, Yahoo, or MSN? How many reading this have asked themselves the same question? I am sure you have. There is so much trash out there stating they have the “Secret” to search engine optimization.

How many seo programs have you already bought?

The first seo program I used concentrated greatly on keyword density. It insisted that I put keywords in various places, anchor links, picture links, etc… Does this sound familiar? I am not trying to tell you that keyword density is not that important to Google, but I am definitely letting you know that it is not THAT important anymore. What I mean is that if you are looking to increase your web traffic, keyword density is not the answer.

Generating free web site traffic is not as complicated as you might think. There is no special “secret weapon” out there to automatically put you at the top, so if someone tells you there is, you are being misled. I said there is no “secret weapon”, but there are still secrets that you need to follow.

For those newbies reading this, I will inform you of some secrets I found out from trial and error. Search engines rank pages based on various things. One very important thing is how many sites are linking back to you. There are two types of links search engines look at, reciprocal links and one-way links.

Reciprocal links are links that are traded among web sites, it is a you link to me and I link to you deal. For example, you build a great website and you are trying to advertise it…what do you do next? Did you say link exchange? If so, you are correct. There are many tricks to exchanging links and ways to make it very easy which I will explain at a later time.

One-way links is the other form of link exchanges. Search engines typically rate one-way links with greater emphasis than reciprocal. Their logic is if you have something that someone else wants, then it must be something search engines should know about too. Therefore, you will get a higher page rank. Are you following me so far?

Most webmasters know about submitting to web directories. If you do not, then I am enlightening you…back on track with the web directories. Directories are a very simple yet effective way to get one-way links. The problem with directories is it takes a lot of time and money to submit to them all. Most people give up and do not submit to directories. This is a very ignorant thing to do. You want to generate traffic, so submit to directories, later I can show you how to do it really quick and easy!

One key thing I did not mention is relevance. It is an absolute must that your website be very relevant to the subject on hand. This means, do not advertise your site as a Music Studio in order to generate traffic and it actually be about food. How much sense would that make? Make sure whatever you say you have on your site, you actually have. This is called content and it is also extremely important. It would be too hard to go into much detail about being relevant, but this should be common sense.

Now is the perfect time to talk about keywords. Not keyword density, just keywords in general. I have been to so many sites and viewed their source to find little or no keywords. It is a wonder why they are not found high in the search engines, or even found at all. Instead, people find them thru self submitted directories where I find them by pure luck. How good of advertising method is that? Not very! What I am offering you here is the key to enhance your advertising potential and the web traffic you bring in will be absolutely free for you. Did I mention it will be targeted? Do you know what that means? Targeted web traffic means visitors are searching specifically for what you offer therefore you will be making a lot more money on conversions. It is truly wonderful!

Keywords tend to be overlooked by a lot of webmasters. They would rather spend more time getting their site listed than actually research their niche and find what will bring the heavy web traffic. This is an awful mistake that I will show you how to correct. You will learn how to be a big fish in a huge ocean. That’s right; you will be an internet marketing guru and will never have to spend another dime on Adwords or any other form of internet advertising. It is truly greatness!

I have not given everything away as it is really impossible to do so in such a short article, but I hope you got a few pointers. Remember I told you I would tell you later on about how to get really awesome link exchanges quickly and easily as well as link directories? Well, that is something you can find out below. I look forward to seeing you on the front page of Google tomorrow!

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