Hakuna Matata Tours Starts Providing Tours in Burundi

The particular well renowned Hakuna Matata Tours is back and offering more exciting touring possibilities than before. The most recent launch from the common tour company is the hakunamatatatours.com/Burundi_tours.html.

Burundi, known for its traditional ballerinas, drummers, and wealthy cultures of verses and arts, is a landlocked country also known as ‘The Heart associated with Africa’ situated next to Rwanda. Despite having no coast line, there are a few exquisite inland shorelines for you to enjoy including the beautiful sandy beach of Lake Tanganyika.

Hakuna Matata Trips are offering 4 exceptional Burundi package tours well suited for anyone who wants to discover a slice of The african continent and soak up many of the rich culture with this small yet beautiful country.

The first visit of Burundi is a small 4 day taster of the nation and its culture. Beginning at Bujumbara and ending in Kigali, this little tour offers informative trips to galleries, a relaxing trip to your famous Lake Tanganyika, sightseeing opportunities of the charming Kagera Falls and entertainment from the reputable Intore ballerinas.

The second tour, a 7 day trip that’s ideal for nature fans, encompasses all aspects of the African wild animals and safari. With plenty of chances to backpack, visit museums, notice wild animals in their natural settings in the largest Nature of Burundi, forest walks, boat tours and shopping trips, this will prove to be one of the most activity packed holidays you’ve ever been on.

If One week doesn’t sound enough, Hakuna Matata offers a fantastic 14 morning Rwanda-Burundi tour which involves all aspects of the smaller tours and much more such as gorilla tracking and a longer time to experience each one of the amazing elements of this gorgeous country.

There is certainly truly something for all! More information about Burundi tours can be found at our site! Visit us now!

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