Herb Grinders Affiliate Program

Everyone needs a some extra money to get their grind on. There’s no better way than to do that than to become a GrinderCards.com Affiliate.

Why GrinderCards.com?
As the developers of the world’s first and only wallet-sized grinder, GrinderCards.com is collection of original V. Syndicate Grinder Cards, internationally recognized for unbeatable quality and innovation. The V. Syndicate’s Grinder Cards have won Multiple Cannabis Cup Awards in Amsterdam, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Who Should Participate?
GrinderCards.com Affiliates are a perfect complement to any website whose audience appreciates medicinal herbs or tobacco-related content. Perhaps you have a blog and already sell other products. Perhaps you just want to share the good word with friends. In any case, our affiliate program is free and your success is determined by your effort.

How You Can Make Money as a Grinder Cards Affiliate
1. Place links to GrinderCards.com on your website or blog.
2. Visitors to your site click the link and purchase Grinder Cards.
3. You get a guaranteed 20% cut of the amount your referrals spend. Your earning percentage can increase depending on how many sales you send from your site, earning you up to 30%. That’s $33 for every $100 in sales you generate. Pretty sweet for just placing a link of your site.

It’s Easy to Make Money on Herb Grinder Cards
The GrinderCards.com Affiliate Program is simple. Visit GrinderCards.com and fill out the online application. Once approved, just add your favorite GrinderCards.com links to your website and that’s it. We use state of the art Afflilate Sales software so you can be sure that each an every referred sale is accurately accounted for and reported. Each time a customer places and order because they visited the link on your site, you get a cut. That’s really just it If you have any questions about how to increase your earnings, our dedicated sales team is available to help you do just that.

To learn more about Herb Grinder Affiliate Programes, please visit GrinderCards.com

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