Hire a Bartender

When planning a wedding party or any other event, one of the most important items on your list should be whos  serving the guests their drinks. This is where an experienced bartender comes in. Most people do not know what every drink consists of and each guest will have their own preference on what drink they would like to enjoy while attending the event, this is when the use of bartending services comes in. Hiring a bartender for any party should be an easy experience, as well as affordable; at www.bartendersunlimited.net, the bartender can be contacted directly to assist the customer in all aspects of planning the drinks portion of the event
Hiring an experienced bartender takes the worry out of preparing for the event. They will take the time to serve each guest their drink of choice, freeing up the hosts time to mingle and enjoy their guests. If the event is too large for one bartender, the host can also have the option of hiring multiple bartenders as well; to further enhance the quality of customer service, allowing the guests to stand in line for shorter periods of time to receive their drinks. When hiring a professional bartender, they will also take the time to set up the bar as well as keep it clean and tidy throughout the party or event.

Another issue comes up when serving alcoholic drinks at any event and that is what to do about minors consuming alcohol. In this case, the host is usually responsible, however; when professional bartenders are hired, they have the experience to ask each guest for identification as well as noticing if anyone else is serving minors. They are specially trained in this aspect and most states even require that bartenders take additional courses in noticing fake identification and if a person is actually old enough to consume alcohol. This is most prevalent when using a wedding bartender, as there are usually more minors at weddings than any other event. This is also helpful when a guest has had way too much to drink. The bartender will have the ability to cut that person off and stop serving them when it is appropriate.

Hiring a bartender for any function is easy to do through Bartenders Unlimited. Our company takes the worry out of how to serve guests drinks as well as legal issues such as serving minors or over-serving adults. With Bartenders Unlimited, the host can contact the bartender directly to plan the function, instead of going through a service and getting wires crossed on what is expected. This way, the host knows they told the hired bartender service exactly what is expected and they know for a fact that the bartender knows their duties. When the time comes for the event, the host does not need to worry about anything except for enjoying their event.

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