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Nice thing about it for atrial fibrillation (AF) patients who require getting warfarin to prevent stroke. It established fact that routine body monitor and meals interaction represent main hassles for patients taking warfrin.

However, a brand new drug, Pradaxa (dabigatran), might be able to provide you with the same protection as warfarin with the necessity of blood monitoring and also food interaction within AF patients, as outlined by research findings presented at the American Cerebrovascular event Association’s International Stroke Conference.

The findings ended up based on an investigation of a subgroup of 3623 patients in the RE-LY trial, which randomized patients to receive either warfarin, a low dose of Pradaxa twice a day, or even a higher dose of Pradaxa twice a day, for a median of 2 yrs.

At the end of the study, there are not differences in your incidence of stroke as well as clot between any of the http://formanlawoffices.com/Pradaxa-Death.htm and warfarin group. Stroke or clot in other blood vessels happened in 55 patients upon low-dose Pradaxa, 51 patients on high-dose Pradaxa and 64 individuals on warfarin. However, individuals who were treated with the low dose of Pradaxa were 32-percent not as likely to experience a major bleeding event than those helped by wafarin.

Besides being an powerful and safer anticoagulant, Pradaxa won’t interact with other food and does not require schedule blood monitoring. In plain english, patients who take Pradaxa are free to take any foods they like and they don’t require to visit their medical doctors on a regularly cause of blood test.

Clearly, if you are a senior in which drives we cannot expect you to stop driving because you are on Pradaxa but, you need to be aware of the potential dangers If you are in a minor accident. You must be aware of the opportunity for a brain hemorrhage. Do not ignore this particular. Even if it seems minor, see your physician instantly and get an MRI to check for a brain lose blood. Tell a partner or family member regarding the accident and have them watch a person for any changes or symptoms that seem to signal a potential mental faculties bleed. These signs and symptoms are very similiar to , or perhaps may appear like, the onset of a dementia or alzheimers.

Pradaxa is currently approved in some countries for the principal prevention of blood clots in patients who have gone through elective total hip or total joint replacement surgery. This use, however, hasn’t been approved in the US.

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