History of the Famous Brand – Louis Vouitton

From Paris to Greece and then embracing the whole world within some years, there has to be something special going on for this French fashion house. It was not about its extremely awesome designs and products made up of synthetic quality of leather then I would have not been reviewing about it for sure. Louis Vuitton has always been good when it comes for designing hand bags and ladies purse and this is what it is especially famous for. If you think your dress is incomplete and there is a roam to portray it in a better way then you may need a Louis Vuitton hand bag which would be full of colors and modern designs.

Are you aware of the fact that in 1854, this reputed French brand opened its first ever store and then prevailed all around. This was also the year when the first flat trunk with Treason in grey color was introduced and people were affected in its over-indulged. The real deal began at the year of 1867, when out of no where Louis Vuitton went up to participate in the Universal Exhibition and this is where it got the maximum exposure of its overall career. The brand was unstoppable and this was due to the overwhelming designs and especially the product quality that it has always maintained in the past and in present as well. But, how can we forget mentioning about this guy who gave up everything just to take his brand’s vogue to the next level, so believe it or not, it was George Vuittion who internationally helped this company to be renowned and then new gates were opened by Louis Vuitton regarding fashion. Louis vuitton now is a world famous brand for fashion products and it is sought after by worldwide fashionistas. What’s going on in your mind?

LV handbags trace back their origin in 1800s when Mr. Louis who was trained as a luggage packer for upscale Parisian families and by using his innovative mind, he worked on the idea of designing luggage that was flat and could easily stack in railway carriages. His rising popularity led to distinctive stripes and checkerboard patterns on hand bags, LV is famous for.

The ever popular Noe bags were originally made to carry 5 bottles of champagne but their success was so phenomenal that upscale women everywhere began to carry this elegant bag. To counteract the replicas, a special LV monogram is etched on every handbag. Louis Vuitton aimed at designing more slender, less bulky luggage that could actually carry more items, was much nicer to look at, could be stacked and should be airtight, meaning it may keep fabrics dryer and safer than the old, loose bags that were used prior to it. Now LV handbags are so much cherished that even non-royalty are using them.

LV handbags are symbolic of luxury and quality. The price is exorbitant but Vuitton bags possess matchless fineness and are most sought after. Owing to rising popularity of the brand, less than 1% of all LV handbags are genuine. The reason for the unbelievably high number of fakes can be attributed to the sheer popularity and demand of Vuitton bags and the relatively short supply. Genuine articles can only be found in upscale and sophisticated shops that are assigned rare dealerships.


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