How Do You Find Whose Phone Number Calls You?

How do you find whose phone number calls you? This article will show you how!

Years ago, when all phones were plugged into the wall, your phone would ring, and you would answer it or you wouldn’t. If you missed the call, you simply missed the call. There was no voicemail, no caller-id, and actually no indication at all that you had even missed the call at all. Now we are able to roam freely with our cell phones, so when we miss a phone call we know almost immediately. The good news is that we also have caller-id; so we know whose phone call we just missed. That is unless you do not recognize their phone number, and then you only know that you missed the call.

While caller-id on a landline gives you the caller name and number, cell phones still only show the phone number unless the it is entered in the cell phone’s memory. If the mystery number did not leave a voicemail message, and you really do not know who belongs to this number, most people are reluctant to call the number back. A few people will be able to completely ignore the phone call figuring that if it is important they will call back or they would have left a message in the first place. Most people will ponder the number for a while and then succumb to their curiosity and dial the number back. But now there is another choice available to everyone, and that is the reverse lookup web-sites.

These web-sites are simple to use and many of them are free. Nothing could be more straightforward. You enter the phone number that you want to look up and click on the search button. Some sites charge a small fee to provide the account information, but many sites offer it for free. Now you can decide if you want to return the phone call or consider yourself lucky that you dodged a bullet.

But the question remains. Are we really any, better off now, or like in years past would it be easier to just miss the phone call and not even know it? Yep — start dialing!

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