How the Alpha Male Gets Hot Women

Guys, getting hot women doesn’t have to be as hard as you are making it. Trust me, I know from personal experience. I was lonely, wanted a woman (actually, more women) and wasn’t sure what to do. So I studied.

That’s right. I studied every course I could get my hands on about how to attract women easier. There is way too much out there. There are some great ones, but they are few and far between. But really they all boil down to two main points that men need to understand. Once you get this, you get women AND you save money. What could be better, right?

OK, first thing those guides tell you (and they are totally correct): a man must be filled with self-confidence if he wants to attract women. That is the key factor. Confidence is a complete turn on for women. That is why women like guys that we would consider “jerks”. Confidence.

Second thing (and this is correct as well): stop spending your money on girls, unless it is as a reward. Women know right away if they are going to sleep with you…so spend your money on taking them to coffee not to dinner.

Also, never put women on a pedestal, because they eventually hate that (and hate you for doing it). Women want you in charge, and they don’t need you to spend money on them to impress them. I drive a cruddy car and women still go home with me. Period.

Sure, there is more. But those are the main points every time.

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