How The Sense of Scent Affects Us

Fragrance companies feed our need for fragrances and perfume. For centuries our emotions have been enticed by feelings of pleasure and romance. Once we smell a fragrance we love, we remember it; and when we smell something that is repulsive to us, we remember that as well. Our brain remembers the response and sends the reaction to the limbic system part of our brain. Every time we smell that same scent, good or bad, we will most likely have the same response. That is why perfumes are so popular.

The Difference Between Women and Men

Many people think we all smell the same scent the same way. Women have a much stronger sense of scent than men. A woman’s perfume might be delightful to her, but he might sneeze at the first whiff of it. Men’s sense of smell is weaker than a woman’s smell. This encourages the developers of products to make different lines of fragrances. There is a science behind all of the variations of fragrances and how each may play a role in our feelings and how we respond to food. The smell of food can make us hungry as well as satisfy our appetite. There are products developed that enhance the smell of food in order to help make the person feel satisfied before they eat more than they should eat.

Fragrance And Emotions

The fact that essences affect our emotions has brought on research in the fragrance industry. There are thousands of fragrances. Therefore, there are thousands of combinations that can be created to bring many emotions to our limbic system. How do we know for sure which and how? The research shows that people will respond in similar ways to a set formula of fragrances. Testing several combinations of fragrances subjects responded with happiness, love, depression, repulsion and other factors while others had placebos. The evidence between the research between fragrance and emotions was so convincing, that in response, new products are being formulated by various companies.

Smells, Hunger and Satisfaction

Grocery stores will use scent in the air to make you hungry so that you buy more food. While we do not like to think that we are being controlled, in fact we are with some grocery chains that lure us into purchasing more food. In a similar way, people use scent to sell homes. You have probably heard that you should put a pie in the oven if you want people to feel your home is a friendly place to live. The association is very successful in selling a home. Casinos will put certain sprays into the air to convince people they want to stay longer to gamble. The longer they stay, the more money the casino usually makes in profit.

More Fragrance, Bigger Profit

You can sell perfume to make one seem more attractive. You can sell a fragrance to help someone relax. You can sell a fragrance to make one purchase more food and you can sell a fragrance to stay at a Black Jack table. Therefore, the industry is very creative and innovative. The companies in the flavors and fragrance business are always looking for new techniques to sell a fragrance to an individual or an industry. Scents and perfumes are a growing industry.

It is interesting to experiment with scents on your own to see if you respond in the way you think you will to the connections between fragrance and emotions.. Some easy things to try would be to smell mint before and after a meal to see if it satisfies you. Try peppermint tea if you stomach hurts. Smell rosemary for improving your memory. Try lavender for stress and relaxation.With that you will know if you agree with the experts who build businesses on scents. and perfumes.

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