How to Give the Best Oral Sex to Your Guy

Ladies, if you want to blow away the man in your life then you need to get better at one thing. What is that one thing? Oral sex. Obviously men love this more than almost anything. Now, any girl can do this, but if you want to be better than this article can help. Giving good oral sex will completely put you ahead of the pack from all the other girls out there when you want to get a guy in your life and keep him.

One of the first techniques that you need to understand is what I refer to as the hands on technique. You need to be careful when using this technique, because if you do not have enough lubrication the friction of your hands can hurt his manhood. What can you use for some quick and readily available lube? You can use your spit. Don’t be disgusted by this. It’s actually the best way to do this. So go ahead and get it wet, women! Guys love this.

Another great technique that is the opposite of the previous technique is what I like to call the no hands technique. This is another technique that guys absolutely love. What you need to do is place your hands on his hips so that you are unable to use your hands on his manhood. Open your mouth and let him slide in. Not having your hands involved makes this so, so sexy!

The most advanced tip that I can give you is to master the art of deep-throating. It is actually easier than it sounds. Relax your throat as much as possible and take him in deep, deeper than you ever have before. This does require a bit of practice, but it really is amazing when done correctly. And even if it makes you gag just a little, your guy will find that is super sexy as well, so don’t worry about that.

Giving a guy good oral really can make you stand out and it is such a fun act for both of you!

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