How to Make Your Man Happy in Bed!

Many women want fierier sex. What many of them don’t know is that a scorching sex life is completely within their control. Men want more sex than they’re getting. How do I know your man does? Because nearly all men do! Few men are getting their fill. Want to know what your man really wants sexually? Take a cue from women who keep their men fed at home.


Nobody wants to get intimate with a partner who seems like they have better things to do. You want to feel that your man craves you. If he just reclined under you, counting the minutes until you were ‘done,’ how interested would you be? You’re with your man for a reason, show him. Make some noise, show appreciation, grind around a bit and parade your passion.


It’s important to mix things up. Sure, you love the comfort of knowing your partner knows what you like and how you like it, but admit it. Deep down you can still get that tingle in your netherworld when a seductive stranger flirts with you. You know all about how big a turn on the idea of something new is. Your man needs variety to stay revved up the way you really like it. Don’t panic. No one’s insisting you consent to bringing another gal into your bed or invest in shackles. But maybe you get it on in a naughty spot, role play, or try some new lingerie.


Think about how it makes you feel to have him take your hand and say, ‘Come on, baby, I want it.’ Return the favor by turning the tables. His desire will swell beyond your wildest expectations in response.

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