How to Pull Hot Girls Easily

There is a secret that has probably been kept from you. All your life you have probably been led to believe that women are looking for nice men who can offer them security and happiness. The truth is, as far as we’ve advanced as a species and as developed as our higher thinking is, we are still governed by our deepest rooted primordial instincts.

In primate societies, each small group is ruled by one male animal. He is called the “alpha male” and his dominance is without question. He is calm and rarely fights, but when challenged responds quickly and with authority. He is in charge and he knows it.

Does this sound familiar? Alpha males exist in the human species too. These are the guys with that look of quiet superiority. They rarely have to voice this dominance because they exude it through every movement of their bodies. They are rarely challenged and when they are, they rarely lose.

So the secret is? Women are not looking for the nice guys. They are looking, whether they conscientiously know it or not, for the alpha males of the human race. They crave the power and confidence of these men. Real sexual arousal in women stems from raw manliness.

Though you may not have been born an alpha, or have had it taken from you by society and education, it’s not to late to get it back. Begin to believe in yourself and your manhood. Begin to view the world as your playground. Change the way perceive yourself and your role, and your place in the jungle hierarchy will rise. Soon, you will be the man other weaker men envy.

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