How Women Can Have Better and Stronger Orgasms During Sex

The elusive female orgasm. Don’t believe the naysayers who swear it’s tougher-or even impossible-for women to reach orgasm. If done correctly, intercourse can induce a woman to orgasm even more quickly than her partner.

The two keys to stimulating a woman to the point of orgasm are relaxation and positioning. A lot of reaching orgasm for women is emotional. If she’s stressed out or uncomfortable, it’s not likely to happen. So ensure that your partner is at ease before you try out the tricky maneuvers. Foreplay will help her relax and may even produce a preliminary orgasm to loosen things up.

However, through copulation, an intense and satisfying orgasm can be achieved for the female.

Positions to try:

Hitting the Spot

In order for her to reach orgasm, there must be friction. This position achieves stimulation on the clitoral area as well as her G-spot, which ensures orgasm. You are seated on the edge of the bed. With her legs and arms entwined about you, she gyrates her pelvis on yours at the desired pace and depth.

Gates of Heaven

Reclined on her back, grasp her legs in the air with your hands or shoulders. You can manipulate the angle of the pelvis by modifying the angle of her legs. The higher you lift her legs, the more deeply penetration can occur. This is not a position to thrust in, but rather to slowly grind to create appropriate friction, which in this position can lead to an intense orgasm for her.

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