Improved Communications Improves Proper care

Phoenix Arizona Based Vly Sleep Center Upgrades Network and Will save you Money

Did you know that in the usa alone over Seventy million people suffer from sleep disorders? That there are around 84 classifications of sleep disorders? I didn’t, till I met Gerald Fougner that’s the technical boss for Valley Rest Center. Valley Sleep Center has 5 Phoenix area areas dedicated to treating people who suffer from sleep apnea, narcolepsy and other sleep disorders.

My partner and i talked with Gerald just lately and he shared his / her experiences of circle growing pains and just how upgrading his network helped save his / her company money.

Pit Sleep Center was busy, so busy that they wanted to available new locations. Because company prepared to increase, Gerald knew they needed to update their technology. Along with multiple facilities, they have to be able to securely discuss sensitive information like billing, medical records and general business office forms. Because they are within healthcare, they needed to abide by the rigorous HIPAA rules that govern the particular privacy of health-related information. Initially Gerald tried out working with off-the-shelf consumer options, but they couldn’t keep up with his network. Because he told me “They had numerous problems they were not worth the trouble. The devices might frequently go down and also the VPN [virtual private network] would are amiss.

They also had a maturing phone system based on analogue lines. Frequently all lines would be busy meaning patients could hardly get through to plan appointments or find out about treatment. It also designed staff couldn’t help to make outbound calls. Gerald affirms “The previous [phone] system would be a nightmare! We were continuously calling IT visitors to add a user or even move a phone to another area in the office. It was expensive, and we needed to wait all day so they can show up.” Plainly a small business phone system which wasn’t able to meet his or her current needs was going to hamper instead of help growth.

Gerald turned to a local Cisco Select Certified Channel Partner, InVision Technologies Solutions, for support. InVision is focused on small businesses together seen other companies encounter the same issues Area Sleep Center has been facing. It was important in order to Gerald to work with a company he or she trusted and InVision Technological innovation fit that invoice, the more they labored together, his confidence in the relationship grew even larger. He knows he can rely on them to help him day or night. They recommended any Cisco Smart Enterprise cox phoenix AZ System which changed five networking devices with a single gadget that’s about the height and width of a pizza box. The solution allows all their locations to securely share information employing a VPN, no need to email data files through the Internet.

Now, they are getting more capabilities even though saving money. “The savings tend to be significant,” Gerald explained. “We were paying about US$50 a month for each and every organization analog phone line at our offices. The Cisco solution lets us consolidate all our tone of voice and data upon one system, so now we pay for a dedicated data line and a backup phone line at each and every location, while revealing a secure Primary Fee Interface (PRI) connection for all phones at all each of our offices. I’m preserving a lot of money on mobile phone charges, yet We have more lines accessible due to the advantages of DID Technology.”

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