Luxury Diamond Model-Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust Watch

The huge name of Rolex is partly because of some of its models are really gorgeously studded with many sparkling diamonds. Of course, this increases the price and value of the watch and thus makes it much further from ordinary people’s approach. But the sparkle of such watches only raise up the interest and desire of people to own them. Rolex is the utmost choice for any timepiece lover, and if it comes as a stylish and dazzling diamond model, then the love for it will only increased. The diamond model of Rolex Datejust collection is exactly one of the examples to intrigue people’s love for Rolex.

Created with scrupulous attention to details, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust watch is the diamond model that you would not let it go as soon as it get into your sight. Set in a 26mm yellow rolesor case, which boasts a polished surface, is accompanied with the bezel that made of 18k yellow gold and is highlighted by the sparkle of 46 brilliant cut diamonds. The screw down winding crown is placed at the position of 3 o’clock, and is fitted with a Twinlock double water resistance system. Though I would not let my precious diamond watch goes into water, the water resistance just make me feel safer. The case is also equipped with a screw-down back part with Rolex fluting. A gold crystal dial that performed in 18k yellow gold and embellished with yellow and grey Rolex Jubile motif just adorns the watch style quite perfect. The dial can also be ivory colored with a sunbeam guilloche decoration.

I don’t know is this spectacular Rolex Datejust Diamond watch affordable for you or not, one thing I can sure of is nobody can resist the beauty and attractiveness of it. Diamond watch, just as diamond rings though without the proposal significance, are both meant to give a person a luxury personality as well as good taste. Well, there is of course not simply this diamond model in Rolex watches. You can also find many other eye-catching diamond watches from Rolex and use them to enhance your appearance and style.
The elegance, quality and functionality are just some of the words that could not totally describe all the characteristics of Rolex. Since its founded, Rolex has come to be regarded as the salt and pepper of the watch industry, with its interesting watch concepts that make use of the most sophisticated and resistant materials and propose unique functions. With Rolex, the world is suddenly colored by more shades; while without it, the world is just tedious and plain.

The renowned Cellini collection is a stylish line that makes room for classy watches, which include this Cellinium Platinum model, an extremely sophisticated watch that brings out Rolex’s passion for excellence and authenticity. As the name indicated, the watch is made from platinum, one of the most expensive materials in watch making, so it is usually used in making limited editions.

To a nutshell, this Rolex Cellini Cellinium Platinum watch is so refined that represents a watch for the elites, a watch that provides distinction and exclusivity to anybody wearing it.


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