Making Awkward Shots In Golf

For most golfers, they come way too often in a golf round. Shots that leave golfers wondering how on earth they are going to stay balanced enough to hit the ball. Shots that are not as simple as the instruction books or videos make them appear. Let’s look at some ways to handle some of these golf shots.

If golfers have to make an awkward shot, first can the golfer swing without losing their balance and moving their head. Secondly, and then think of the line their club travels along.

Before assuming a stance, they will have to note where the club head will travel for the greatest distance along a straight line. Remember that the ball is in contact with the club head for several inches. They should take a few practice swings and then the golfer can see what relation their feet have with regard to their line and then determine their stance.

When they are about to hit the ball, a golfer should not sway from one leg to another. When they are about to swing, they should check to see if there is the slightest difficulty in keeping their balance. If so, keep should shifting their position slightly until they feel comfortable and are sure there will not be any stiffness in their swing. They want to feel as free as possible in their muscles and in their mind so they will not be disturbed during the swing. If they wiggle and move their weight from one leg to another as they address the ball, they are likely not going to see the ball clearly. They should keep their feet still.

No matter what kind of shot they are attempting, to make sure they control their effort to the point where they actually see the ball from the start until they hit it. They should not shift their gaze, not for an instant. Then they will not have any trouble hitting the ball.

Their swing will not be stiff, or back too far or too short. The ball will not be hit too soon. And, golfers should never look up for one second or shift their gaze until their club head reaches the ball. If they have a hard shot to make, they should put their whole mind on just watching the ball. If golfers practice these things and they will quickly gain confidence.

Now let’s talk weather, which can make any shot awkward! When the wind is blowing hard, they should bring their feet closer together. Golfers might think that they just need to hit the ball harder when driving into the wind. But the key is to be more careful at this point to hit perfectly true.

The more difficult the shot, the greater freedom they need for the play of the muscles to bring it off. Here is a tip. The shorter the shot the nearer their feet should be brought together. The key is not to hit the ball as hard as they can. If they hit the ball hard when they first meet it with the club head, it will bounce away quicker. This reduces their distance.

Uncomfortable shots plague every golfer from time to time. Learn the basics of handling them, and they will be swinging with more confidence and lowering their score significantly.

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