More Robust: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer 39mm

As a famed brand goes in for creating high-tech professional watches from generation to generation, Rolex steps further in the right direction with its new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer 39 mm. The excellence performance in diving and great durability is undoubtedly ensured by the amazing work found as usual in many other replica Rolex Explorer watches creations. What’s more, a compact stainless steel case and the no-nonsense design with a bit of sporty spirit, have made the watch not only match well with jeans and polo, but also with business dress or even a formal, black tie suit.

Luxury watches connoisseurs and Rolex enthusiasts won’t miss such a versatile model, and I’m not the exception even though I have had a 36 mm Rolex Explorer watch collected in my wardrobe for years. Of course, it’s even more than a more masculine 39mm case that I’m yearning for. What I like the most about the updated watch is that it’s definitely a contemporary design even if there are still a customary stainless steel case, the signature hour and minute hands and even it’s the common way the Oysterlock bracelet is attached to the lugs!

However, the updating is witnessed in the every teeny-tiny detail! See it? All hands are crafted from the white gold to ensure the greater durability and oxidation-free capability. A generous amount of lume has been put on the hour indexes (except the three Arabic numerals at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock) and three hands to bring a very legible dial layout for the watch and make it readable even in the dark. And as usual, the send hand is also sporting an oversized dot of Chromalight on its.

An in-house Rolex Caliber 3132 automatic movement, whose baseplate is slightly larger than the 3130, 3135 and 3155 calibers, is the perfect complement for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer 39 mm watch. Well, have you gotten ready to add such a robust Explorer into your collection?It seems it’s not a wise decision to make an investment in the Rolex watches if stunning jeweled watches are what you want exclusively. But, everything has a special case! Pieces of elegant and stylish Rolex watches designs can also be found among the gap of conservative classic and eternal refinement, and Special Edition Ladies Rolex Datejust reference 81339 is definitely one of the best proofs.

Measuring a modest size of 34mm in diameter, the Special Edition Rolex Datejust reference 81339 is born to the perfect choice for fragile women style and men guys could only watch from the sideline since both teeny-tiny size and ultra dazzling design make the design suitable for elegant ladies exclusively.

Well, I have met with a yellow gold special Edition Ladies Rolex Datejust by chance. But except the ultra sparkling gorgeous uttering between the yellow gold and diamond arabesque, I’m not that into the design of overwhelming diamonds paved on the dial with 12 Roman Numerals accenting the dazzling exterior. And it really makes me notice the fact that only understated elegance appeals to me. Or it is probably acceptable if it’s a Special Edition Rolex Datejust reference 81339 in yellow gold even though it’s not an original design from the house. Never mind, there are replica Rolex Datejust watches with which I can also gain my favorite design.

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