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Quirky publication latest style trends is at the moment based in Britain’s great city London and it has it’s eyes set various types of entertainment, fashion and culture and the arts as well as all sorts of other unusual action in this stunning city and a handful of other corners of the globe.

The mag covers international, national and local current fashion trends and latest news and it aims to reach affluent, style-conscious urban men and women. At Retox you can get the latest lady’s high fashion trends, beauty tips, style advice, ideas on what to shop for in the current season, various event news and updates, photos and videos.
Being it a fashion and culture magazine for some of the leading culture junkies out there, at you can expect an experience with a difference. Visitors to Retox magazine are bound to enjoy a unique online artistic magazine defined by an innovative juxtaposition of unique and quirky styles and current trends, in fashion and otherwise. It isa fashion heaven for the sophisticated and sexy fashion followers and an inspiration for a unique trendsetter or a creative.
The society, arts and culture part of the digital publication predominantly focuses on art and photography exhibitions, various types of music reviews , film reviews and those events deserving of a good coverage. Exhibition reviews include Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket exhibition review by Anna Fearon, and away from the fashion front, there are exhibition reviews such as Well Hung: A Tyler Shields and Max Wiedemann Collaboration by Louise Frost.
Quite recently, Retox started including film reviews and we have witnessed very successful reviews posted on the blog reviewing recent film releases. Some of the more exciting reviews include The Expendables 2 reviewed by Jack Flahavan. Articles are on most occasions submitted by Retox’s talented contributors and on a rare occasion there will be two different submissions of the same movie on Retox. Nonetheless, this makes iteven more fun for the reader, because you can assess two different reviewer views on a single film and in one place. Retox also covers quirky films shown at fringe festivals and at other exciting or alternative events. One of such fantastic reviews is for a film Turn Me On, Dammit! reviewed by Kate Olsson.
For those who love music, it is worth pointing out that Retox music reviews include album reviews and gig reviews. If you wish to get to know your favourite artist better, you will also find great exclusive interviews. Of course, not to forget the hottest MP3s to download, music videos, gig images, and more. Some of the more popular music reviews include the London International Arts Festival LIAF review by Claire Davidge. Bianca Bafitis, a Retox contributor with a more quirky writing style also produced brilliant, edgy if not mad articles on edgy bands like Heymoonshaker!, Yes Sir Boss, and talent like Mary Magdalan. In addition to the above you will also discover exclusive interviews with musical and vocal talent conducted by Marijhaa Andre and contributors like Jack Oughton.
One of the sections on fashion reviews at this moment stsrongly growing in popularity is the one presenting the works of fiction. To begin with, the digital magazine posted rather crazy horoscopes, often known on Retox as HORROR-scopes and as it happens, they are quite brilliant works of fiction, as is highlighted in the disclaimer part at the bottom of each of their horoscope pages. The horoscopes will put a smile on your face, of course, so relax, get your humour kit out and enjoy the journey. Away from the horoscopes, Retox Magazine online have a brilliant section on Doctor Pole Paul Pawl, where Dr P.P.P. provides advice on a variety of random problems that readers submit. So if you want something a little odd, unusual and funny, do have a look at the advice of the fabulous PPP.
Other brilliantly bizarre fiction as well as non-fiction parts of the magazine that are currently being brought to surface include the Male and Female Washrooms, where all sorts of gossip takes place, and Give Me A Job! The non-fiction sections foreseen to draw in some hefty readership soon include Travel and Food, generally speaking, Lifestyle.
Retox Magazine is an independent publication supported by fabulous contributors from different walks of life and various corners of the globe. A special thanks to all Retox Magazine contributors!

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