Rolex Goes Young This Time with Explorer II Stealth Flame

Well, I know you don’t need to know this here, but this thing did immediately remind me of one of my friends, who has been so much into black and orange. And now when these two shades come together, I think he’s going to die for this! Although the story would not get a delightful ending due to the sky-high price, it is still a nice thing to appreciate something chic like this.
This handsome creation is from the Bamford Watch Department, as the latest variation of the newly launched models for the Rolex Explorer II line. The novelty gets the name of ‘Stealth Flame’, and the whole timepiece, even including dial and bracelet, is sculptured in matte black, with all metal parts coated with military grade PVD. A nice orange tone comes to nicely decorate the entire display and the accents and markers. The result, well, is simply gorgeous! What I see is a very clean and modern looking timepiece. Also, this combination of black and orange colors in my opinion has made the watch a perfect daily watch in summer.
In fact the two words ‘young’ and ‘trendy’ never showed up in Rolex’s dictionary. Yet, of course adoring the brand doesn’t mean you have to give up a young and passionate look. You can go for customized version like this Explorer II “Stealth Flame” by Bamford Watch Department. Besides, it certainly gets what you would expect from an Explorer II model, like the quick set date function, 24-hour hand, dual time zone settings and sapphire crystal. The matte black finish endows it with a timeless sophistication, while the orange add much to the watch’s liveliness.
Want one? Well, then this thing will reduce your fortune by about US$17,400, which means it still goes beyond the reach of most Rolex fans. Yet, to wait for the replica version of this can be a nice choice, since the well crafted replica watches are on great quality now and the top grade replica watches are now enjoying high popularity in the market.
 Rolex is quite an expert in making diving watches. As a matter of fact, this prestigious company is the pioneer in making waterproof watches. It is credited with making the first “waterproof” watch in 1927. Since inception, this watch giant has created many of the most excellent diving watches. One of the most prominent diving watches created by Rolex is the DEEPSEA.
The Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA is an excellent diving watch which can withstand water pressure of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet). This model is paying a tribute to the Deep Sea Special, the experimental wristwatch prototype that plunged to a depth of 10,916 meters in the Mariana Trench in 1960. It is the first watch with a double extension bracelet system, which makes it easily adaptable for improved comfort when worn above a diving suit.


The Rolex DEEPSEA watch is powered by a mechanical Automatic movement, outfitted with Parachrom Hairspring, which offers high precision and stability. This model comes with a few outstanding technical innovations like the brand-new patented RINGLOCK SYSTEM, which enables the watch to resist the enormous pressure exerted by water at extreme depths. Made of titanium alloy, the case is able to be sealed when confronted with great pressure. It is completed with stainless steel bracelet with glidelock clasp for ratcheted fine adjustments.

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