Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Meets All the Highest and Strictest Demandse

Rolex began manufacturing the innovative line of tool watches that especially for different kinds of professional needs since 1953. Presented as the first watch that water resistant to 100 meters, Rolex Submariner is along with other collections of Rolex is the true representative of the highest quality of the brand’s products.

Today with the development, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner for men is already able to resistant water pressure up to 300 meters. This wouldn’t be possible without the standard durability of the Oyster case and some special features that come exclusively with the Rolex dive watch. One of those features is the trip lock winding crown, with ten different parts that are made of the most durable materials. This unique crown is highly protected, being screwed down onto the case. The unidirectional rotatable bezel features superb functionality, which offers precise information about diving time. The accuracy of these crucial indications is ensured by the unidirectional rotating system, while the luminescent capsule ensures perfect readability, even in most extreme situations.

The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner watches come with special Cerachrom bezels, covered with the really tough ceramic core, which possesses amazing resistance to corrosion and scratches. You can see several colors of the bezel on this Submariner model, such as blue, black or green, with numerals and graduations in platinum or yellow gold.

The size of this model is quite masculine, which is 40mm in diameter, slightly bigger than traditional Rolex Oysters, and gives bold and aggressive look, while the sporty and elegant bracelet with the Glide lock claps makes the watch comfortable to wear and provides divers to easily extend the length of the bracelet up to 20mm. The Rolex Submariner watch is animated by the Rolex in house caliber 3135 self-winding movement. The COSC-certified chronometer incorporates anti-magnetic and shock-resistant Parachrom hairspring.

Tough, durable and precise, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner watch meets all the highest and strictest demands of professional divers. As the extra quality, this model features attractive, modern elegant look that makes it suitable for almost every occasion.
It’s tedious and too much to introduce something we already know so well again and again. Yeah, I mean, things like Rolex watches. Rolex is a too famous watch making brand to introduce. Even a seven-year-old boy knows what Rolex is. So let’s just get right to the point. Rolex is famous for its luxury watches and elegant watches, but it also creates many sporty look watches and watches that for certain special works. The collections of Rolex have watches for various lines, ranging from pilots, divers, and explorers to yachters.

Yacht and yachting competitions were the main source of inspiration for the collection of Yacht-Master II watch. Though just with a slight water resistance, the Yacht-Master II collection is following the inspiration of the aesthetic features of the Submariner collection.

The latest Rolex Yacht-Master II model features a 44mm case, which is available in stainless steel, yellow gold and platinum. Especially designed for sailors and yachters, the model performs professional functions for them, such as the countdown function from 1 to 10 minutes, apart from the traditional functions of hour, minute, second and date. Two lateral pushers were put on the case to adjust the main functions of the watch. The model is so elegantly designed that even covers some of the complicatedly manufactured calibers, which are hand-assembled by the brand.


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