Security Requirement Of A Small Company

Security Requirement Of A Small Company


With industrialization and globalization, a new kind of industry has come into being known as the small business. It has a limited capital starting from 5crores.

With the boom in IT infrastructure many small-scale industries have also started using websites and blogs to promote their business. But as we all know each coin has two sides to it so doe’s use of IT and Net banking.

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Hackers are the people who break through the system and steal and sell the personal and confidential information of an organization to its competitors.

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They always look for small or micro business organizations as they don’t have a high level of security and it is also very easy to hack into their systems.

With the development in technologies, the small and micro companies have blogs and sites to display their own information.

This site is linked via a server at the primary motherboard with has all of the information that’s confidential to the enterprise.

Hackers often target the site or site and get to the motherboard to acquire the advice of trades and also the day to day dealings of an organization.

Mobile or computers

Considering that the scale of company is small and micro day to day transactions can be accomplished through net or mobile banking.

Because we are all careless about the safety of our mobiles this provides the hackers a opportunity to enter our telephones and tablet computers to hack on the info regarding the trade and sometimes steal significant banking info and capsize the whole quantity


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