Selecting a SMS Marketing Company

Just with any business decision it is important that you make the right choice when choosing a text message service provider. Like your communications through email and letter the messages you send through your text message service are representing you as a company to your customer and it is important you are signed up with someone who will help you send great messages to the right people. There is nothing worse than receiving a marketing message that is clearly wrongly targeted, if the 50-70 year old males on your list are receiving messages aimed at 20-30 year old women they’ll not only be slightly insulted but they’ll also probably lose a bit of loyalty for your brand, at best you’ll look merely incompetent!

To avoid this happening you’ll want to look for a text message service provider with a great reputation. Reviews can be found online or even better you can ask other companies you know in your area who they are working with. A good text message service provider should give you a number of tools to help you target different people in your database so that the messages aimed at 20-30 year old women are only received by 20-30 year old women! The first tool you should have available to you is geographic targeting which will allow you to send a message only to people in a particularly, town, state or area. This is great if you have stores in several different areas and want to send out messages for just one of them. The second type of targeting you should have available to you is psychographic targeting. A service that offers this basically profile your customers based on their information to figure out what is the best time to send them your message. For example someone who is full-time at work all day is unlikely to give your message much of a look at 10am and might respond better to messages during the evening or weekend.

The third type of targeting that a good text message service provider should offer is demographic targeting. This is so you can send a message to particular age groups or just males or females with your message. This is particularly important for retail outlets offering a range of products where a deal offered one day may be interest to some people on your list but not to others. By targeting particular demographics not only will you increase your return on the money invested in sending out those text messages but you’ll also avoid annoying those to whom your offer does not apply.

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