Shake Table

A new shake table enables you to test the level of resistance of structures to seismic shaking. It can also be utilized to demonstrate the sensitivity of structures of various heights to the frequency of the ground motion.

A rod using a U-shaped bend is mounted parallel to one part of the platform so that it is free to rotate. 1 end of a stiff wire is curved in a loop across the bottom of the Ough while the other end is actually shaped like a catch and is attached with strapping tape to the fringe of the table. A more durable and flexible alternative to taping tape is to attach a square piece of auto inner tube together with dimensions of about 2 a 2 inches to the edge of the table. The plastic is folded over and glued up and bottom of the table. Hot glue has worked nicely for me. Let about 3/4 ” of the rubber get noticed beyond the edge of the table and poke a hole through this particular flap. Then the stiff line is bent over the hole in the rubber.

This arrangement may cause the platform to move forwards and backwards as the rod can be rotated. The varied speed drill is actually attached to the rod by simply its chuck. The particular handle of the punch is also firmly linked to the plywood base.
Building details are posted for 2 shake table patterns.

To demonstrate the need for a new diagonal element to provide a wall shear opposition, I use 6-inch long components of wood or plastic-type with magnets attached at each end. I’ve attached Velcro to the program and mating Velcro to your “base block.” The beds base block has heat mounted at each conclusion. A basic wall, comprising two verticals and a side element, can be created on the base. This particular wall will fall down during an earthquake. In the event that, however, a diagonal element is included (made from a longer magnets stick, which is provided) then the wall can resist strong shaking.

I usually provide a single long magnet adhere to be used as the angled and three small magnet sticks as well as challenge the students to create a strong wall. At some point they discover that any diagonal element is crucial.

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