Slightly Updated Rolex Datejust II Watch Released at Basel World 2012

Rolex Datejust watches of this famous Swiss brand need no more introductions actually. The brand is so famed that almost every people across the globe has heard of its name. And the collection of this brand is also so famous and popular that every watch collector could recognize it immediately and dreams of owning one for himself. Can you imagine that how great the name it is? All I know is it is almost the “Franklin” in watches.

This year, except for the new Rolex Sky Dweller model, the brand also released other updated versions or modified versions of existing designs at the Basel World 2012. Among them, the new version of Rolex Datejust II is my favorite.

Since the Datejust II was released in 2009, the only bezel option for the watch has been the fluted bezel. While the fluted bezel is beautiful and clearly identifies that watch as a Rolex, I think a Jubillee bracelet may be good to pair too. Today, the 41mm Rolex Datejust II is only offered with Oyster bracelet, and I think the smooth polished bezel is a better match to the Oyster bracelet, which also gives the watch a sportier and more rugged appearance. The smooth bezel is also another reason that why the new version is little low priced. Because unlike the fluted bezel that is made of expensive gold, the smooth bezel is constructed from stainless steel. This makes the Rolex watch more plain and closer to the common people.

The new version of Rolex Datejust II watch model released at the Basel World 2012 is a really beautiful elegant yet no non-sense design. The simply stick markers painted with luminescent material should provide excellent legibility in the day and at night. The silver sunburst dial offers a subdued elegance that befitting a working man’s luxury watch.

The slight update and tinny change of Rolex Datejust II watch this time really makes a big difference of it and makes it more sought after.
Have you ever found the other adventurous you in your soul? I believe that everyone has two or more characters in one body; one is the common people, while the other is the bold brave soul. If you have already found that soul in you or if you are the one that regard adventure as your life mission, then maybe you are looking for a versatile and durable watch that will be the ideal equipment for you. Though nowadays there are many brands exclusively produce adventurous watches, the historical Rolex has already developed some of the most innovative watches for those adventurous hearts. Those watches are carefully made to meet the specific needs of those who enjoy living the bold life. The following styles from Rolex watches are not only the perfect equipments, but surely to inspire your inner adventurous spirit.

Originally released to the luxury watch market in 1953, the Rolex Explorer model was specifically made for those who dare to explore the world. For the convenience for those adventurers, the Explorer watch offers an easy to read dial and ultra-durable case that can withstand extreme temperatures. The revamped Explorer II model even more offers a sleek and handsome design with automatic winding technology, and waterproof case. The Rolex Daytona is the favorite model of many race enthusiasts. Featuring self-winding chronometer chronograph, sweeping second hand, minute hand, and side case push buttons, the watch is built to last the test of time. Divers tend to in love with the Submariner model from Rolex watches; because the model’s excellent water resistance allows it to be taken deep underneath the ocean’s surface. The watch’s classic rotating bezel is designed to help effectively keep track of time while diving. Rolex Yacht-Master is another model from Rolex watches that developed to meet the unique needs of sailors and divers around the world. The watch can withstand the extreme weather and pressure, and comes with a very stylish appearance.

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