Some Classic Styles of Rolex Cellini Collection-The Glitz Tribute to Art

The Cellini collection among Rolex watches is the line you must have heard of, but are you familiar with the detail of this collection? For Rolex watches connoisseurs, it is of course not the news to learn that the collection was originally created to commemorate the sculptor and goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini and the ideal watch for those who have a true appreciation of true artistry.

There are different styles in the Rolex Cellini collection. Some of them are the designs that we are going to discuss today. The first style is the Prince. Right as the name indicated, the Prince model is very decent and refined, just like exclusively make for the royalty. First released in 1928, the Rolex Cellini Prince became famous for its chronometric precision and beautiful avant-garde rectangular shape as soon as possible. The timeless watch is a favorite of Rolex fans seeking classic features such as manually-wound mechanical movement. Additionally, the watch includes a transparent case-back that displays the chronometric performance. For those who looking for the unique and stylish, the Rolex Prince offers a number of options. It is versatile enough to be worn in both dressy and casual settings. The Cestello style in the Rolex Cellini collection is a charming one that features a classic round dial, genuine leather bracelet, and nicely made sapphire crystal. Cestello is the perfect model for those looking for handsome and classic elegance. Another style of the Rolex Cellini collection I want to talk about is the Danaos style. The Danaos model is perfect for the luxury watch collectors who desire a cutting-edge and avant-garde style design, while enjoying its classic hand wound movement.

Though the Rolex Cellini collection sometimes goes unnoticed by the majority of luxury watch aficionados, when one comes out wearing one of the models, it is hard to shake the impression it leaves. Each watch from the Rolex Cellini collection is truly a work of art and transports its wearer into an age in which high-fashion was a way of life. After all, Rolex watches never let its followers down.
 Rolex is just a simple name, but also embodies a whole world of style, luxury, power and status, which win it a great fame and popularity among the whole world. When talking about the brand, people all naturally relate it with the best watch and most expensive watch in the world. Though Rolex watches’ quality are known and respected amongst the watch community, the most welcomed model by the general public might be the Rolex Day Date and Rolex Day Date II watch.

In 2008, Rolex introduced the Day Date II watch model, a model that features the familiar characteristics of the original Day Date, but in a relatively large case, which measures 41mm in diameter instead of the 36mm of the regular one. The Day Date II is made in yellow gold, white gold and red gold, as well as the king of the jungle-the platinum version. The classic Rolex Day Date II features a modest polished bezel that surrounds a charcoal grey dial with blackened numerals. The white metal case and bracelet will not give it away to an untrained observer that the owner is wearing 278 grams of platinum perfection. With the improved mechanism and more modern large case, the Rolex Day Date II watch wins the popularity just as its predecessor.

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