Stop Caring About What Women Think If You Want to Attract Girls Fast

Guys, if you’re sick to death of being lonely you need to know the steps that it takes to start attracting much more wonderful women in your life. The truth is, it starts with you. But the other truth is so many men don’t have the skills that it takes to pick up women. If this sounds like you, keep reading. But be aware, this will change your life for the better.

You see, women are attracted to the Alpha male. It has always been this way, ever since caveman days. It all boils down to science because women want the leader of the pack, the man that can take care of them. Society has turned of men into wimps. We have been led to believe that we need to be sensitive. But really, when you watch a guy at the bar that has the attention of all the women, does he seem sensitive? No. In fact, he has one of the key skills and I like to call that skill ” the art of not caring”. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about women, it means you don’t care what they think about you.

Women want a challenge. The funny thing is, they will sit there and tell you to your face that they want a sensitive guy, yet you know in your heart of hearts that they are instantly attracted to these guys that don’t care about them. Are you seeing a pattern here?

So what you need to do is get your confidence squarely in place. Stop caring about what women think about you. Stop spending your money on them. Become a challenge. Tease them. Poke fun at them, playfully. That is what the Alpha male knows and it comes to him naturally. But the good news is you can learn the skills as well.

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